So, you have heard the term CNA or Certified Nurses Aide, but you have never really known what the job is about or what the job entails. So here you are, trying to figure out exactly what this job is about, and if it is worth even training to become CNA. From experience I can tell you that yes this job is worth it, and no this job is not worth it. So much depends on the person, and whether you can put up with some of the things you may encounter. But you should read further before you make a decision.

What is a CNA?

   A CNA is someone who cares about people, and is able to keep focus. A CNA must be evened tempered, not only with the patients but also with grumpy nurses, anxious administration, and demanding family members. Now this can seem daunting, but really it is not, if you are caring, patients with like you, and if you are a hard worker, nurses will get along with you. The key is efficiency, as well showing patients that you really do care, these two qualities will get you far.

What can I expect during your shift at work?

  This depends on where you work, you may experience something in one facility but not in another. If you work in nursing home, you will be cleaning up after people, you will help people to the restroom, you will encounter any number of body fluids. If you do not have the stomach for this, then you might have to choose another job. I was concerned about the conditions when I started as a CNA, but I soon got used to cleaning people up, and knowing that I was helping them gave me a feeling of satisfaction. 

  CNA's are on their feet most of the day, running from one room to another. This can be difficult if a person is not used to it. The only time you really sit down is when you are charting in the patients chart, and even then you will be interrupted to help someone. You will also sit down to help feed people, this can give you a nice break from running.

What about the pay?

   This will depend on where you are working and in what city or town you are in. If there are a ton of CNA's in your area, then many times it will be hard to find a CNA job that pays a decent wage. Do not give up, if you are persistent and selective, you can find good paying CNA jobs in home health, in private care, or in a hospital. Do not forget to check out nursing homes, many times they pay more than a hospital. In general you can expect to be paid anywhere from $10-$20 an hour, and many places like hospitals offer great insurance packages. Check out all the possibilities.

  Remember, CNA work is a stepping stone to get a person on the road to bigger and better things. You will never have a problem finding work as long as you are a hard working person, and you get along well with others. You will not find a better way of getting into the medical profession without any experience, and the paid training that many facilities offer is a plus. So, get out there, do some research, and get yourself a good job.