Central Heating RadiatorsCredit: Danfoss.comA central heating radiator is a heating system that provides heat to any home or office. This is a special and important part of a heating system that makes everybody inside a room feels warm all throughout the day and especially at night time. The homeowner’s central heating system has two vital components which are the boiler and radiators.


The Boiler and the Radiators


Boiler – This is centrally fitted in a storage room, bathroom or kitchen. It is the main root of heat transfer. Heat is produced from the boiling water which is carried through into all the radiators with the use of the electric pumps. These pumps are usually fitted in the boiler.


Radiators – These are fitted in some or all parts of the room. Radiators are the major parts of a heating system that provides heat. Each of these is a important tool that keeps your home warmer during winter seasons.


How does a central heating radiator function?


A central heating radiator is composed of a copper pipe that is repeatedly bent at the right angles that produces heating area with maximum space. The ridged lines are followed by the heat pipes. Water comes and leaves within the valves at the bottom. If the cooper pipes of the central heating radiator are bent 10 to 20 times back and forth, the system produces more amount of heat. So if you have a bigger central heating radiator it has more back and forth bents due to its larger surface space that can warm an entire room.


The cooper pipes receive heat from the hot water which is pumped through the radiators so the radiator’s outer steel area would receive the heat transfer. If the steel surface gets heated up there will be warmth produced through the room in your house or office. Every radiator has a basic screw at the bottom that can control the radiator’s temperature. If you turn this valve off then the hot water from the main cooper pipe will not flow toward the central heating radiator. This will cool down the radiator and the room as well.


A central heating radiator is very essential to every room. They become very helpful in providing warm during colder days. If you need to install your first heating radiator or replace your old one, you must know the size of the radiator before buying it. You have to ensure that it properly fits into the room of your house.


There are different kinds of central heating radiators from traditional ones to contemporary that you may choose. Some of these are radiator in cast iron, column radiators, designer radiators and vertical radiators.


In addition, there are towel heaters included. Whatever kind of central heating radiator you will buy (interesting to know is that the Dutch term is CV radiatoren kopen), you are given technical assistance and consultation plus free delivery of the heating system. You must select the heating system that has balanced flow of hot water with the right central heating radiator to have a good and perfect flow of heat to every room of your house or office.