Losing weight takes a variety of forms. There is no perfect diet out there because there are varieties of people that need different plans to make their weight loss efforts work. Despite the fads, there are a variety of tried and true methods that get to the bare bones of what it takes to lose weight and that is simply, eat less, exercise more. Along this journey of burning more calories than you eat, there are several helping hands along the way, one which is weight loss tea.

Weight loss teas are not a miracle drink, instead they come in a variety of forms and types and are used to help people lose weight, either by helping increase the metabolism, curb hunger, provide more energy or help one detox so their body can better function.

There are different kinds of weight loss tea, and every now and again it seems that another one has been "invented" or discovered. Take a look at some at the top of the charts.

Green Tea has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties and anti-aging power. Green tea has been used as a weight loss tea because it can help increase energy and a person's metabolism by drinking it regularly. It also has many other benefits, making it a great overall health tea.

Dandelion Root tea is more famous among the herbalist for its liver detox properties. What isn't too widely know is that as dandelion root positively effects the liver, the liver by functioning better can help assist the body in losing. Some women have been prescribed dandelion root pills and dandelion root tea to help them loose their baby weight.

Tava Tea is a brand of tea that touts its special proprietary blend as being a great weight loss tea. There is not any research evidence showing this is true, however as long as it is not too expensive, it just might be worth the try.

Wulong Tea is a known Chinese herbal weight loss tea that is prepared from Camellia sinensis leaves. It helps promote a faster metabolism and stimulate fat burning within the body.

These are just some of the weight loss teas out there. Given the low cost of teas, and the ease of finding them online from reputable sources, it doesn't hurt to get a variety stashed in your kitchen cabinet to reach for when you want something warm and comforting to drink. Weight loss tea certainly has better health benefits than any Diet Coke can will, so why not give them a try and see if they work for you.