Among all macaws, the green wing macaw is probably the most beautiful and witty of all the large birds in the parrot family that are commonly domesticated. The name "green wing macaw" is actually a bit misleading because most have a blend of blue, red stripes on their feathers along with the green. The life span of the green wing is around 40 years but stretches up to even fifty years. If you are planning on acquiring one of these birds you need to know this will be a long term proposition and the bird is going to accompany you for good long years of your life. The average size of a green wing macaw is approximately 33 inches in length. This is a big bird! And there are a few problems commonly faced by many green wing macaw owners but there are solutions to them, so read on if you think you still might be interested in one of these beautiful birds.

The first problem needs special care and attention because it can materially affect how well you and your bird get along. Green wing macaws are in a habit of screaming and picking on their wings. They are of a highly irritable nature and lack patience. Most new owners, and even long time owners, aren't aware but this is due to lack of proper nutrition. If your bird is not fed nutritious food, specially made for large birds, it can scream at the top of its voice putting an end to your peace of mind. A nutritious diet will help the bird calm down and be relaxed. Just like people, green wing macaws need the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. to feel their best. It's just that when they don't get this proper balanced diet they tend to act out in a way that can really disturb the peace in your home.

To this end, providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the green wing macaw is very useful. Pellets have to be included in its diet too, but fruits, berries, and other plant material and bugs especially are what the bird would be eating in the wild and they are an essential part of the animal's diet (the fruit, not necessarily the bugs). If you keep on providing the same food again and again (as in ONLY pellets), most green wing's are going to get very irritable. Variety in food, and the right food, is what this bird needs. They also love some cooked foods. Sweet potatoes can prove to be very good in keeping this bird calm. I have not come across any bird that does not love cooked sweet potatoes. Sometimes offering them cashew nuts is also not a bad idea but again this must be in limited quantities and you need to get the nuts that don't have added oils and salt. Keep away cheese, butter and fat soaked foods from your bird at costs. These types of foods can weak havoc with your bird's digestive track and make a bigger mess than normal in the bird cage.

This species of bird has a habit of dipping its food in water so that it becomes soft. So the next time if you see its food dipped in water, let it do what it wants. This is natural behavior and you should make sure that the bird always has plenty of water around for doing this as well as for drinking. The behavior is also kind of fun to watch and makes you think they are actually washing their food.

Another problem that can make the bird go mad (okay … get highly irritable) is lack of sleep. An adult green wing macaw will generally want to sleep for ten hours flat to keep its mood chirpy. In case you have a baby green wing macaw in your house let it sleep for about 12 hours so that it isn't cranky the whole day long. Covering the bird's cage and placing the cage in a quieter spot in your home can do wonders for allowing the bird to get enough sleep. Just like you, the green wing macaw needs peace and quiet in order to sleep solidly.

It is also important you train your green wing macaw to stop the habit of feather picking and biting. These bad habits should be controlled from a young age because once they are deeply ingrained from lack of controlling them, it is much more difficult to curtail. After the bird picks it wings, it generally starts to scream hard. I can only guess that this behavior means something in the wild, but in your house it will drive everyone nuts if the bird is not taught not to do it. So it's important to let them have a good sleep, eat the right balance of food in their diet, and control disruptive behaviors to keep calm and be a happy member of your family.

The green wing macaw is a very interactive bird who loves to play and have fun but of course not alone. It needs your company. If the bird gets bored it will begin biting and picking its feathers. As an owner of a green wing macaw you need to be friends with it and devote time to play and interact with it. Give it intelligent toys to play with or it will scream with boredom eventually. This is not a pet that sits in the corner waiting to say "Polly want a cracker" when somebody happens by. The green wing macaw will stay playful and interactive into old age so you need to make sure that you have the temperament to be a friend and playmate for your bird.

Green wing macaws love peace and calm surroundings. If there is too much loud noise around with people yelling and running and such like in a house with multiple small children, this is going to raise the anxiety level for the bird. In these types of surroundings, the bird will become fearful and start screaming. The noises around you must be kept to bare minimum to eliminate all fears in your loving bird.

A good owner of a green wing macaw will help it become fearless, play with it, let it sleep and give good food for it to eat.