Humidifiers are a must for a house if the air in it is too dry. The humidifier will moistens the air inside the house and make it a healthier place. If the air if too dry, it can spoil household articles and also make the residents of the house unhealthy. But with so many humidifiers available in the market now, one has to first decide on which type to purchase. This can turn out to be a tedious process. Many factors can play a role here. But first, one can tentatively decide on a brand and do the research of the market accordingly. This will make things easier.

Honeywell and their humidifiers

If one is shopping for a good humidifier, than one can consider the systems manufactured by Honeywell. They have built a good reputation in this industry and they are known for their range of good humidifiers. A consumer can choose from a range of humidifier systems offered by this company. From portable to professionally installed to flow through to a steam humidifier, Honeywell has it all. Today, in fact, Honeywell is often taken in the same breath as humidifiers. This company has been in operation for over a hundred years now and initially were manufacturing heaters and thermostats before moving on to cluster bombs.

A Whole House humidifier

These humidifiers are hooked directly to the air conditioning or heating system of the house. Such systems need to be installed by a professional person, usually from the company itself. However, if a person is so inclined, it can be self-installed too. Honeywell has basically two types of Whole House Humidifiers. One model emits steam and the other humidifies the entire house through a moisturized panel through which air passes. The efficacy of both are more or less the same. Whether one chooses one over the other depends on personal taste of the buyer.

Making the right choice

It is easy to get confused while shopping for a good humidifier. With so many brands and models and shapes and sizes, this is not surprising. But if one keeps a few things in mind, this will become an easy chore. The first thing to do is decide on a budget. This will make the entire process easier. The requirement of the family and space in the house are other factors that need to be considered before making a purchase.


A honeywell whole house humidifier is more expensive that the other types. One can purchase it for anything between $150 and $300. But what one pays will depend on the model chosen.

Where to buy is a good place to visit for an online purchase. A survey of the local market will help. Now, most retailers stock up on humidifiers and it will be easy to get a good deal from a local retailer. You can usually find a list of available dealers by checking the company's site or by doing a search for the product and your city in one of the search engines. Of course, you could also choose to go through a certified installation company - they should be able to sell you the unit as well.