A new technology wave is hitting retailers and it is stirring up questions. Many want to know what is a mobile hotspot? It is a mobile broadband service that allows users to connect to the Internet without a USB port. They connect WiFi compatible devices such as netbook, notebooks and cell phones from anywhere. A hotspot is any location that allows you to access the Internet wirelessly. The most common places with this capability include cafés, bookstores, universities and hotels. It is a 3G router that gives consumers the ability to use five devices at a time. The hotspot is battery operated with a standard four hours of battery life.

Soon everyone will know what is a mobile hotspot as many major carriers in the United States are beginning to promote this technology. Mobile hotspots are different from WiFi and USB port connections because it does not require wires to connect to the Internet. It also does not restrict users to one location. They are able to go online and connect to important documents, friends or work from anywhere. Mobile simply means the portable device will allow you to travel and connect to the Internet from any location.

What is a mobile hotspot vs. a WiFi hotspot? WiFi hotspots only allow users to connect in the area providing the connection. Once users choose to move from the area their connection is lost. However, mobile hotspots allow users to move around freely while staying connected. Users can get more work done and they do not lose any valuable bits of data. Just imagine being able to connect to the Internet on your laptop at the same time as your friends while you are on a roadtrip? No more paying for expensive Internet service at hotels or using unsecured free wireless at places like Starbucks and Barnes and Noble.

Some 3G networks are offering the mobile hotspots devices, known as MiFi, for as much as $250 with a one to two year contract. While others are beginning to offer prepaid service plans for increased flexibility. Those plans lower the price of the MiFi device down to as low as $99 on some plans. Prepaid plans are pay as you with the use of a MiFi prepaid card. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Virgin Mobile all offer various plans starting around $40 a month for unlimited data. You can actually shop for the devices and plans at everyone's favorite online store, Amazon.com. Having a mobile hotspot means you can move around without worrying about the loss of an Internet connection. It can be used anywhere a cell phone can connect including heavy commutes or during long train rides.