NALGENE bottles are now BPA free. Since polycarbonate plastics have been declared to be harmful to the human body, NALGENE , the leading manufacturer of reusable water bottles, has gone completely BPA free.

NALGENE began as a manufacturer for test tubes, petri dishes, etc for chemical and biological laboratories in the early 1970s. This was also the time when the various environmental initiatives began. Hiking trails and camping sites were becoming littered with glass and aluminum refuse, and the need for a reusable, durable, high quality product in which to carry both liquids and solids soon became apparent.

Without the manufacturer's knowledge NALGENE products began to fill that need. They quickly became common amongst the Hiking and Camping Crowd. At the time the only way to obtain NALGENE products was through laboratory suppliers or simply take them from the work, this would all change soon.

Legend has it, that the President of NALGENE was attending his son's boy scout jamboree and noticed that many boy scouts were carrying NALGENE laboratory bottles. A new product line was born. NALGENE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS. NALGENE soon began supplying bottles that were tailored to the outdoor enthusiasts.

By the 1990s, NALGENE had become ubiquitous amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Initially only offered in grey, the NALGENE OUTDOOR PRODCUCTS line quickly expanded to a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. In addition to mere cosmetic changes NALGENE began to offer accessories such as:

  • Screw on water purifying filters
  • Nesting collapsible cups
  • Insulated carrying cases for extreme climates
  • Snap In splash guards
  • Screw in filters for brewing coffee
  • LED Lights for transforming the NALGENE bottle into a portable lantern

NALGENE has recently expanded into hydration systems for Daypacks. Their aim is to address some of the issues that Hikers and Cyclists have had with current hydration systems. Most notably: taste, ease of filling and draining, durability.

NALGENE bottles can be found at many online retailers and outdoor sports stores . A typical 32 oz NALGENE bottle will cost between $6-$12 depending on style and color.

Do you part for the environment and purchase one today. Our landfills are filling up with used and discarded plastic water bottles. Save some money by purifying and bottling your own, and you might save the planet too.