Neti pots have been enjoying a revival in recent years in America, but many people have never heard of a neti pot or understand what a neti pot does. Long time sinus sufferers vouch for the effectiveness of using a neti pot and the health risks are minimal. So what is a neti pot? Where did it come from and how is it used? These are all valid questions. Like any home remedy, it is always best to discuss your intentions with your personal physician before attempting any new treatment.

What is a neti pot?

A neti cleansing pot is a small container normally made of glass, ceramic or metal which is used to clean out the nasal passages. It is not uncommon to see plastic neti pots in today's market as well. The appearance of this nasal irrigation pot is similar to a small teapot. The pot has a long spout on one side and many times will have a handle for gripping on the opposite side. The term 'neti' actually comes from Sanskrit and means "nasal cleansing". The cleansing affect has only begun to be appreciated in the United States within the last thirty years; so many people are still unfamiliar with this device.

Neti Pot

Origins of the neti pot?

The use of the neti pot originated with the practice of controlled breathing in yoga. The pot has been used in India for centuries to assist in cleaning the nasal passages so yoga practitioners can more easily perform breathing exercises.

How to use a neti pot?

Neti pot instructions are minimal and easy to follow. The most common way in which a neti pot is used is to fill it with a warm saline solution for irrigation. Then using the spout, the neti pot saline solution is poured into the nostril so that the water can drain into the sinus passages and either out the other nostril or down the back of the throat where it can be spit out. The solution can be made at home or a specially made neti pot saline mix is available in stores or online. There are more advanced neti pot instructions available for those using yoga breathing techniques as well.

What health benefits does a neti pot provide?

The neti cleansing pot is used to treat a variety of ailments. Users report it is effective in stopping hayfever attacks, allergies and the common cold. The flushing action sweeps out extra mucus and also any foreign particles that may be causing an illness. Many people use their neti pot on a daily basis and have reported a drop in the usage of prescription medications since implementing nasal irrigation as part of their daily routine.

A neti pot is inexpensive and widely available nasal irrigation pot. At this point – even at Walmart! An increase in popularity from Dr. Oz's recommendations as part of the Oprah Winfrey Show has brought this ancient remedy into the modern era. Further studies are being conducted, but generally the opinion is favorable. For victims of sinusitis and other sinus conditions it is being touted as a lifesaver. The saline solution is mixed at home and costs fractions of a cent per dose. The use of a neti pot or a gorran sinus irrigator is a cheap and drug free remedy that may provide serious relief of symptoms. Many times the old tried-and-true methods still turn out to be the best!