The Pigmy Hippo

The Pigmy Hippo, otherwise known as the pigmy hippopotamus is a rare form of two types of hippopotamidae species. The majority of pigmy hippos can be found in Liberia with smaller populations spread around the Liberian border. Is it said that there are less than 3000 pigmy hippos left in the world resulting in many of them living in captivity to help improve reproduction.


The pigmy hippo is roughly 1/4 the size of your common hippo; they range from 30-32 inches in height, 59-70 inches in length and generally weigh 400-600 lbs. The average life span of a pigmy hippo is 30-55 years. Pigmy hippos tend to have either a brown or greenish black skin color and sweat a pinkish colored sweat much like the common hippo.

Pigmy Hippo Pictures

Pigmy Hippo

Pigmy Hippo Resting

Pigmy Hippo Feeding