Santa Clown

What is a Santa Clown?

Depending on who you ask, Santa Clown is either a hilarious or thoroughly terrifying combination of two well known figures: Santa Claus and a Circus Clown. Usually, santa clown is represented or imitated through the use of a standard Santa suit or costume that has had a few essential modifications made to it. Santa clown is known for his red nose, rotund belly, and signature white face paint. There are various iterations of Santa Clown and each Santa Clown's appearance will vary slightly depending on his or her creator's temperament and the materials they have on hand.

What Does Santa Clown Mean?

Because Santa Clown is a melange of two different well known icons, there are naturally conflicting opinions and sentiments toward this phenomenon. Many people find Santa Claus and the typical circus clown to be absolutely horrifying creatures in their own right as separate entities. Hence the innumerable horror movies, tv shows and comic strips that employ twisted visions of either Santa or a clown as well worn tropes. The ubiquity of these two figures in horror movies may stem from the initial fear many young children feel upon encountering either of these figures for the first time. Because they are both intensively colorful, animated and seemingly larger than life, Santa Claus and circus clowns can be absolutely overwhelming to toddlers and infants. Apparently, enough people have also found Santa and Clowns to remain sufficiently frightening into their adulthood for these figures to have become so common in the horror genre.

It is perhaps due to the aforementioned similar qualities shared by Santa and the Clown that they were eventually blended into one super being known as Santa Clown. Santa Clown has been spotted with increasingly frequency at halloween parties, christmas events, birthday parties and block parties. Santa Clown is blessed with double the relevance of either Santa Claus or a circus clown on their own. Santa Clown is almost always invoked somewhat facetiously, simply because it cannot so directly speak to tradition as a pure Santa Claus can, nor can it totally escape its Christmas associations. For these reasons, Santa Clown is best for parties made up of family members or close friends that won't get offended by the slightly irreverent implications of a Santa Claus-Circus Clown cross. So long as Santa Clown makes an appearance in good faith and good humor, he is sure to be well received.