It is a fantastic new invention that will make your life much safer and much easier. I will demonstrate how in just four ways.
Do you share a computer with a lot of other people? Do you worry about the germs and diseases that can be transmitted to you from this computer? If you work in an office and share a computer you are in danger. If you work in a hospital and share a computer, you are in grave danger. If you work in a laboratory and share a computer, you may be in very serious danger depending on what you do. The silicone keyboard can be washed and disinfected.
Do you spill things on your keyboard and fry it? Are you tired of replacing your computer keyboard periodically? Does the staff at the supply room at your office laugh when they see you coming? The new silicone keyboard is not affected by water, dirt or dust.
With all the conveniences the silicone keyboard offers, what would you pay for it? Would you pay $100 for it? Would you pay $200 for it? This wonderful and versatile keyboard starts in the $20 range. In the $40 range you have a lot of choices. When you get in the hundred dollar range you have a lot of bells and whistles on the keyboard.
Does your large keyboard get your way when you travel? Is your keyboard inconvenient to move with your laptop computer? The new silicone keyboard is able to be rolled up or folded. It does not have any sharp corners to damage your carrying case or your equipment.
The silicon keyboard is made out of high quality silicone. There are no poisonous gases or evil smells that come from it. It is contaminant proof. It can be washed with plain water or with a disinfectant to stop the spread of germs and diseases. Think how much safer you will feel if you can wipe the keyboard before you start to type a report. You do not know who used just it before you. You do not know if they thoroughly washed their hands after whatever chore they did last. If you are in the hospital, your imagination can run wild. You know what happens. You know how frantic it gets. Think how safe you will feel during flu season to know that you can wipe the computer keyboard down before you use it.
This marvelous keyboard has the electronics totally encased in a flexible silicone coating. Water cannot get in. The keys are very flat. Sand and dirt cannot get between keys. The keyboard can be folded and rolled up. It is virtually indestructible. This may be the last keyboard you ever need to buy. This may end your close relationship with the stock room of your office.
These are very, very affordable for being a new invention. The prices start in the $20 range. When you get a keyboard you are set up and ready to go. With keyboard you get the UBS cable and the PS/2 adapter. All you have to do is plug it in and start typing.
The silicone keyboard is very flat and small. They come in two sizes. The mini keyboard has 85 keys. The full-size keyboard has 105 keys. The mini keyboard is just under 14 inches long and just over 5 inches high. The end that contains the brain is .05 inches deep. That is very flat. It can be folded, it can be rolled, it has no sharp corners, it travels well.
People that use this new keyboard are astonished at how easy it is to type on. Because their hands are flat on the surface, there is no stress to the wrist. The keys are very shallow, they are only about an eighth of an inch high. These keyboards are quiet. There is no sound when you are typing.
These new silicone keyboards can be disinfected, are user proof, are very affordable and are easy to transport . You need to invest in this silicone keyboard. Anything that makes your life safer and easier is worth spending a few dollars on.
Where else can you buy this type of convenience at this price?