Although when we talk about our health most of us just seem to care about exercises and some other similar issues. Anyhow getting a healthy sleep is one of the most crucial factors of our lives. But still the levels of understandings concerning this matter is somewhat clouded, it seems. One misunderstanding among many others is, most of us usually think that getting a long sleep represents the actual quality of the sleep which is another myth.

And as some of you are aware, there are many stages that arises while we take a nap (short or a longer one). These are called sleep cycles. To show their effect on you let me give an example first. Let's say there is a person who used to sleep at least 7-8 hours daily but still would find it hard to wake up + some low mental and physical energies. There could be an another individual who's getting only 4-5 hours in comparison but still he can wake up in the morning with energized feelings and do his daily activities better than the first person. So what is the reason behind that? The answer lies in the above mentioned term called sleep cycle. There are two types of levels that our brain operates during that time which are known as REM and NREM.

First arises the REM, which is a lower level of mind state. If you've similar experiences such as, suddenly waking up because of some outside distraction (a sound for instance) then most probably you were in the REM mode. Because in NREM mode almost all distractions are "closed" by your brain though the physical senses. And while in NREM you won't feel, hear or even won't have any dreams. This occurs in the middle of the night and after a while the brain again switches to REM pattern. This REM->NREM->REM-> goes on few times (usually 5-6 times) and usually around 4-5 am the Brain again switch to the lower mode for helping you to get up easily.

So what the researchers saying is that if you use drugs (both alcohol, smoking, etc) the efficiency or the ability of the Brain to take you to a deeper level of sleep cycle activities will become harder and harder. And as a result even if you had a long night-sleep, still in the morning you'll find it hard to get up with some positive energies (both physically and mentally). So if you have similar problems it is advisable that (if you cannot fully let go of your drug usage) then at least try not to use them when you're going to bed. Still even without using drugs these issues can arise also because of depression for instance. So in that case go and get the proper health advices from your doctor as if you kept ignoring the sleep cycles and its related issues as the time goes on they can do some serious damages to your health.