The single greatest fear of those that would do us harm is the indomitable spirit of the tactical athlete


The term “tactical athlete” has become very common in the military and law enforcement world lately as people seek solutions to the complex problems involved with armed conflict. A tactical athlete is a member of the elite warrior class who understands that the best equipment in the world will not make up for a weak mind or unfit body. The warrior athlete is part tri-athlete, part chess master, part boxer, part gunslinger and all patriot. Tactical athletes by the very definition are professional war fighters, peacekeepers and protectors that place mission above self, and have the discipline to put the needs of performance beyond the gravitational pull of sloth. To understand the tactical athletes one must understand what one such athlete does.


In the military a tactical athlete depends on mental and physical strength to push beyond the limits of a normal civilian and train day in and day out for the eventuality of being called to service.  As a service member the tactical athlete knows full well the danger of his/her sacred duty and understands that to be dominant on the battlefield the athlete must often work longer, fight harder and push one self to the absolute limit of human performance. The Tactical athlete is not just the Green Beret, Navy SEAL, MARSOC operator or J-TAC though often this is where they can be found, a true tactical athlete can be any who answer the call; and no piece of head gear, trident, or K-Bar will automatically a tactical athlete make. The tactical athlete is different from the normal professional athlete in that the pay is lower, the stakes are higher and few will ever know what the athlete does on behalf of those he/she protects. In the military setting this elite warrior is a master of combat skills, a fanatic of fitness with an incorruptible mind. The body of a tactical athlete is a tool for conflict resolution. The tactical athlete brings divine wrath to those who would seek to destroy liberty and instill terror. The mind of a tactical athlete houses an indomitable spirit and righteousness; even though many times it is faced with the greatest of human tragedy. The tactical athlete has an unstoppable hunger for performance, which often times earns criticism and is rightfully called a “zealot” from others who are ignorant of the trials and tribulations this modern-day gladiator faces.


As a law enforcement officer the tactical athlete is required to work day in and day out in an environment where the media has turned against this warrior’s mission. Entrusted with great authority over his/her countrymen the tactical athlete who has sworn to protect and serve must be vigilant against the corruption s/he faces everyday. Never a safe place and always on duty this guardian sleeps well at night only because s/he knows like-minded persons have taken up the mantle of responsibility for a brief time.


The warrior athlete trains physically in the gym, at the range and in the precious few minutes that allow mission preparation. The study to be tactically proficient is unending. Fitness is the watchword for all that endure the trials of these ranks. The tactical athlete eats to fuel the machine, not to feed hedonism. The mental struggle of dealing with pure evil takes its toll on him, but knowing the result of inaction forces him to discipline his mind. “Use your brain or it will use you” is a mantra all to familiar to the veteran of this road less travelled. Having watched many compatriots die for the cause has tempered her resolve, she becomes an unstoppable force.

The tactical athlete is a real life superhero able to complete feats of strength that seem miraculous to those he protects. With stories of conflict that would drive lesser men to run in fear, the tactical athlete moves forward to the objective into the fire fight, to the disaster and against the tide of those seeking cover and safety. Many times battered and broken you can see these men and women carrying the badge of honor in the form of their struggle and many battle scars. The tactical athlete is modest and humble because he is all too familiar with the price of hubris.


The term “tactical athlete” may be common but the actual warrior is anything but.