Offensive moves in basketball

-The bank shot


A bank shot is a basketball shot that hits the backboard and falls into the hoop.


Under defensive pressure, especially from a great basketball defender, a basketball player can take a shot quickly and still make the basket.


We throw the ball towards the square on the backboard. The ball hits the square and falls into the hoop.

This sounds simple enough but this shot still takes practice. It doesn't take as much practice as a three point-shot or free throws but still takes time and practice.

Why the bank shot is important...

The article, before this, discussed that defenders make it difficult for you to score. Imagine this situation. Your defender is so fast that as soon as you take a shot he or she may get a hand up and get close to blocking your shot.

You can shoot the bank shot and be off by a little. I mean to say that this shot can actually be off target a little and get into the goal.

This is the idea. We want the ball to get into the goal.

If your defender has speed and can block your shot, you can look at your goal and get a shot off quicker. You still have to look where to throw and decide how much strength to put into your shot, but now you have an offensive skill that is harder for your defender to stop.

How to practice this

There is also an area called the paint. Lastly there is a three-point line. Stay with in the three-point line but outside of the paint. You can stand about 6 feet away (or closer if you need it) from the basket and on either side of the hoop. If you are around 45 degrees to the backboard you have a good place to make your shot. When you can hit the close shots then it's good to move back a step and try shots from your new distance.

I recommend practicing this until it becomes so easy that in a game you can think less and hit this shot like it's natural for you.

You can decide this by playing a pick up game and trying the shot. If you can hit these shots under pressure then you can move on to trying to practice a new basketball skill.

Good luck and the next article will discuss open shots.