Want to know what is a good typing speed? Well typing speeds vary, but the average typing speed is around 40 words per minute. Within 10 minutes a 400 word document could be typed. Is this good? How can we determine what a good typing speed is?

improve typing speed(95958)To determine a good typing speed you start by looking at your needs. A freelance writer would need to match their targets with their productivity rate. If they wanted to make 15 dollars an hour, by writing 500 word articles for 5 dollars each, they would need to write 3 articles an hour. Three articles at 500 words a piece is also 1500 words. If that writer could  type 40 words per minute then they would be able to write 2400 words an hour. That also equals to four complete articles and earnings of 20 dollars for the hour. Based on their targets and their results, 40 words a minute would be a good typing speed. The more they increased their words per minute, the higher their income.

Although the average speed of 40 words a minute can be good under the right circumstances, you could do even better. The highest reported typing speed I have heard of is 100 words a minute. Just imagine the possibilities. At 100 words a minute you could type a 500 word document in five minutes. Of course it would slow you down a bit if you need to do a bit of research, but the result would still be good. Any employer would be impressed by such a high speed. A freelance writer could make a phenomenal income and any essay writing would be a breeze.

If you are unsure what your typing speed is, take a test. The variety of online typing tests available make it easier to gain an accurate understanding of your typing rate. With regular typing practice you can increase your typing rate by as much as 50%, if you use a reputable service. Take the test multiple times so you can work out your average score.

So now you know what is a good typing speed? Focus on developing your typing rate to match your work requirements. It is not a hard task and is not time consuming either.