Anniversary rings are given to renew your commitment, strengthen it or add to the set with a diamond band or cluster.

"The Eternity Ring", is an anniversary ring given to symbolize the strength of the marriage and some couples show it by each gem or stone representing one of their children born to them. The stones can be the birth stones of the children born or gems in pink and blue for boy and girl.




Blue Topaz









The eternity ring can be half circle or full circle. Diamond clusters atop of the ring or arranged around in a singular row, double or triple row of diamond and gems.

The color of the gold can depend on the length of the marriage or union with, the choice of Silver, Yellow Gold or White Gold or just preference of the buyer.

For some people choosing an anniversary ring is a very important decision. Some may want something really special or specially made to order. Some couples do not always get the special engagement ring or dazzler before the wedding band is placed on each other. As a result when, the time comes for an anniversary ring it is usually a half circle or full circle eternity anniversary ring. This replaces or adds to the wedding band already on the wedding finger.

Deciding on the type of stones or gems to be placed in the eternity ring is a good jeweler's code of practice to help the couple decide. Here are some things to know when choosing your stone / stones.

Shape – The overall view of the diamond is its shape / design

Cut – The cut shows its depth, dimension and shine.

Color – The less colors in a diamond shows, more flickers of the fire of the diamond.

Clarity - The Clarity of the diamond shows how clean the diamond it versus scratches.

Carat – The Carat of the diamond will depend on your budget you have to spend.

Certification – Before buying diamonds you should review a copy of it certification.

All in all most times the anniversary ring is a bigger decision and purchase than when buying the wedding or engagement ring was. It comes with more statement, history, knowledge of knowing and love strengthen and deepen over the years of the union of love.

For what is enternity is life everlasting. Believing in the aftermath is to be with, what, is with you here and in spirit. I like enternity rings and for me it is a ring of neverending circle of love. It is what will never, be broken lasting forever and ever in platonic love of spirit. In the smybol sigh of a weddings band, shows the sign of long lasting love that brings forth fruit, that grows into a family for here and enternity.