Article spinners are utilities designed to take an existing article and rewrite it, creating different "unique" variations of the same article, and thus avoiding the penalties that search engines appear to give to duplicate content. Duplicate content is where the same identical article is posted on multiple sites.

Spinner Types

Spinners can be online or offline and range from fully automatic, one button spinning, to those that require some interaction by the user to help create alternative words and phrases.

Article spinners are, with more than a little justification in many cases, often looked down on. Whilst some of this is down to the software, a lot more of it is down to the actual users, who do not use the created content properly.

Some spinners will, with one click, replace words in the initial article with synonyms, creating an apparently new article. These spinners are horrible, and should never be used. Below is the first couple of paragraphs of this article that were spun using one of these:

Post rewriting software are resources designed to take an current article and whirl it, developing different "unique" versions of the same article, and thus staying away from the fees and fines that Google appear to give to repeat articles. Duplicate articles being the same article being published on several sites.

Spinners can be online or off-line and range from completely automated, on option rotating, to those that require some relationship by the person to help create alternative articles.

Hey presto, one click and completely new, and unreadable, garbage. Replacing a word with what a dictionary or thesaurus thinks is a similar word can completely alter and destroy the meaning of the text. Do that enough times in a sentence or paragraph, and the above is the hideous result. These spinners are often free, and in such cases are worth precisely what you paid for them.

Proponents of such spinners will argue that search engines can't tell the difference. You should be writing for people, not search engines, and it's getting less and less true that search engines can't tell the difference, as the algorithms and coding used in them improves. Software is getting better at picking up on grammatical errors and poor English, and that sort of thing can be incorporated into a search engine. Google in particular has a habit of buying up any company that develops software that can improve their search quality, as well as developing their own. If pages are assigned a rating based on the quality of the English used, then the previous example would rate very poorly. Perfect English is extremely rare, and to some extent varies from country to country, but readable English isn't.

Using a Spinner

Even good spinners are misused. The idea, when you create new articles, is to take each different article and add it to a different site. Not to take every article created by such a method and post them all on each site. If you create twenty articles, they should be added to twenty sites. Don't take all of them and add them to every site.

No matter how good the spinner, any article rewritten using one should always be read through afterwards, to ensure that it does still make sense. Any tool is only as good as its user.

The Best Spinner, for example, is one of the better ones, and has a host of useful tools that can help even with manual article rewriting, such as the inbuilt Copyscape check. It is not free, and requires a yearly subscription. Still, as mentioned above, you do tend to get what you pay for.

Article spinners can be useful, when used properly, but really nothing beats rewriting an article manually, and it cannot be said enough, if using an article spinner, always read through the finished product to make sure it still makes sense, and using a combination fo spinning and rewriting.

Important Note

Most revenue sharing sites, and not just InfoBarrel, justifiably do not accept spun articles. As it says on Seekyt:

You are not a guest author. Publishing content and earning money at Seekyt is a privilege, and should have more than enough benefits for you to follow the rules. You do not have the right to create your own rules simply because you are a Seekyt contributor.

You are being given a share of the revenue, so treat these sites with the respect they deserve. Sites that do not share revenue and article submission services are more willing to accept spun articles; you are getting a different benefit from these sites, but do not abuse them either. Check a sites' or submission services' content rules before submitting.

Spinners should always be used with care. Although they can be a useful tool, they are more often than not used improperly, and, when misused, can actually damage your online efforts and reputation.