What is the Tradition of the Easter Egg Tree?

What is an Easter Egg Tree?Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AL'arbre_aux_oeufs_de_Paques.JPG

While it is a time honored and treasured tradition to take out the ornaments and put up a tree (or two) each Christmas, there is a lesser known tradition of having an Easter egg tree.

And no, Hallmark did not create this just to sell more merchandise during the spring holiday season!

Trees in bloom are the first sign of spring, and since there are very few buds on the tree when the Easter holiday arrives, these trees can be very decorative and a conversation piece for the neighborhood!

Decorating Easter trees is a tradition that has it’s genesis in Germany and it is called The Osterbrunnen. It is not widespread, but it also is done in Austria and other Eastern European countries. Originally, the eggs were not placed in trees, but on branches that were cut off a tree and them placed in a vase. The brightly colored eggs were hung on them to bring some vividness to the house now that the long, dull winter was finally over and spring had arrived.

The eggs that are hung on them are not the plastic or shiny ones that you find in stores. Instead, uncooked eggs have small holes made on either side and then the insides are blown out. Then they can be decorated any way you want. Use paint, stickers, rhinestones, glitter, foam shapes-anything that inspires you!

You need to let the eggs dry before they can have a thread put through them to hang.  Make sure you put a large, secure knot on the end of the egg will fall and crack.

Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AL'arbre_aux_oeufs_de_Paques.JPG

A Real Live Easter Egg Tree With 10,000 Ornaments

A tradition he started in 1965


In Christianity, the egg is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. With the renewal of life in the spring, creating this tradition for your family will help you center on the reason that you are celebrating. While there are familiar symbols like the Easter bunny and baskets of goodies, for those who are religious and observant, there is more to this day than just décor and chocolate.

One tradition for families is to begin with one egg for each person at the beginning of Lent and them put one more on the tree each subsequent week until it is Easter morning. Children will look forward to the time of the week when they get to decorate another egg. Families can also make egg trees for others to give as gifts.

If you live in an apartment and do not have a tree in your backyard, you can get some branches and fill a vase like they did in Germany.

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Do you make your own Easter egg trees for the holiday?