With the speed of change within the world of personal electronics today it can be a tad difficult to keep up with all those new 'must have' gadgets. One such new development that may have passed you by (but probably only if you are living somewhere very very remote, is the Ebook Reader Revolution.

No longer do we seem to want to cut down trees (no matter how many are planted again afterwards). No, we don't want an old-fashioned, easy to tear, easy to share, paperback. We want to read in digital. Clear, bright, difficult to damage, these are the electronic books of the future.

No more rustling pages, no more bookmarks falling out and leaving us at a loss as to how much we have read already. In fact, no more scribbles, doodles and jottings at the side of the page either. Now with the new Handheld Ebook Reader your gagdet can remember what page you got up too. But the right one and it will let you highlight text and write or type notes and text. Buy a really clever one and it will automatically save all your notes and bookmarks in your own personal secure library online! The world of the electronic ebook reader is really terribly clever indeed. In fact there is such a fast-growing selection of devices now available, it is definitely worth reading some Ebook Reader Reviews before you decide on which to buy.

The real key to their success though is their capacity to store literally hundreds or thousands of books, all on one small portable handheld e-reader. Really, something thinner than a magazine and the size of a cheap paperback novel can hold hundreds of titles, ready for you to read whenever the mood takes you. Now you might say that your bookshelf at home, or the library in town do much the same thing already. But, what about when you are travelling or on vacation and you finish your book? With an electronic reader you don't need to worry about making room for spare books, just in case, or even about wandering the local stores trying to find English language books. Simply take as many as you like on one device and read whatever you fancy.

Generally the way you use an electronic Ebook Reader is by first going online. Find a digital book store (that supplies ebooks in a format your device supports), choose your title, pay your money and the book will be transferred to your home computer. From here it is a simple matter of plugging a USB cable from your computer to your portable reader to download the new file to the handheld gadget. But if you prefer a wireless existance and don't want to go online to order books there are a few wireless ebook readers available. The Kindle 2, Kindle DX and the Sony Daily Edition both come wireless enabled. Using wifi or 3G technology the device itself connects directly to the ebook store (either amazon's kindle store or sony's ebook store) and new titles are downloaded immediately to the device itself. For anyone that travels this feature is a real bonus.

Electronic Ebook Readers are, in short, probably the future of reading for study or pleasure. Sure there are a few tweaks necessary to make them cheaper and easier to share books with others from. But for ease of use, huge storage and the ability to take digital notes you can't lose its easy to see why they are becoming so popular.