Coolsat FTA ReceiverFTA Receiver Facts

An FTA receiver is a 'Free To Air' satellite receiver which will scan the airwaves and decode unencrypted satellite signals that are being freely transmitted. There are plenty of shows that are broadcast and you don't have to pay for if you have an FTA receiver. Not all FTA Receivers are created equally; their feature sets vary from box to box, however some features you may want to look into prior to purchasing your FTA receiver are things like:

* Does your FTA receiver have an EPF (Electronic Program Guide)
* Does your FTA receiver support PVR (Personal Video Recorder)
* Does your FTA receiver support dual tuners so you can record one shoe and watch another.
* Does your FTA receiver have blind search power scan to make sure you find all channels supported by your satellite.
* Does your FTA Receiver have an OSD (On Screen Display)

There are a handful of popular FTA receiver manufacturers, some popular brands include: Fortec, BlackBird, Viewsat, Pansat, Coolsat, UltraStar, Ariza, MultiStar, Digiwave, and Twinhan.

In order to use an FTA receiver you will also need a compatable sattelite properly installed on your roof with a corresponding wire running down to your receiever.

FTA Signal Piracy:

Often times FTA receivers are also used for signal piracy since both Bell TV and Dish Network run on the same technology. What makes FTA receivers ideal for signal piracy is that the hackers must only update the firmware on their FTA receiver via smart cards to comply with the latest technique the satellite companies are using to encrypt their signal. The software updates are usually available within hours on dozen of forums online. People who participate in signal piracy via FTA receivers are capable of viewing all of the channels including pay per view available from the provider whose signal they are stealing.