When you are job hunting there are lots of factors that may affect your job performance and your future with a specific company. There are many jobs that may not have any of these and lots who may have some. You should look for the job with the most.

Ideal jobCredit: http://mrg.bz/C4I4V8;By mconnors

A company with future opportunities:

One question you need to ask yourself is, will I have the opportunity to move up to a better position in the future.  Employment that has no promise of moving up is a dead end job. There are some employees that would be happy with this. Maybe you are in a position that you don’t really need much income and you have no intention of moving up. But if you are not that person, then make sure you check to see if the company may offer opportunities for the future.  In most cases, you can check out company web sites and browse the jobs they have.  Small companies have much less opportunity for employees.

A growing company:

A steady growing company is a good sign is a good sign of an ideal job. You can do some research online, call contacts that may know the company, just do as much research as possible. Also, a company that grows too fast is not always a good thing for employees.  If they are capable of keeping up the pace of the growth, and provide ample solutions for the growth, all is good. If they are not able to do this or choose not to do it, this will result in employee frustration. The result will be too much work and not enough people.

How many years are they in business?

Most people think that this is not an issue but it can be.  If it is a small business, the failure rate is very high especially if they are less than 5 years old. In most cases, the reasons they are failing is their business plan and being new they have not taken the time to define what their purpose is. They have not learned how to run a business yet.  You should ask to see their mission plan.

Training and procedures

A very important factor in accepting a job  with a new company is finding out if they have procedures and training in place. Even if the training is minimal, you are being set up to fail at your job.  You cannot always tell how intense or detailed the training may be but you can ask questions about how long you will be trained and if they have procedure manuals in place for your job. The best employers strive to help their employees succeed because they are wise enough to know that when they do this, it also generates success in their business.

Job Education opportunities

Once you have settled into your new job, you most likely will want to be looking to learn new things related to your job that would increase your skills. You can bring this question up once you get settled in.


A final word about an ideal job is that you should research any company that you hold an interview with.  Not only using search engines but you may also find information on LinkedIn about the employer.  Times have changed which requires much more thought and detail to be put into finding the right job.