Available online you can find a vareity of alkaline acid food charts detailing which foods are acidic and which are alkali. The information is often conflicting which makes it hard to know exactly what we should eat however we can gain a rough idea of whether the food we eat will help us to improve our pH balance and alkalize our body. These food lists can help you choose what alkaline diet breakfast food to eat.

Improving your diet is something that is easier if you work gradually towards eating more healthily rather than changing your whole diet from one specific day forth. As I began my alkaline acid diet I decided that rather than making lots of little changes throughout the day I would make one significant change at a time.

With this in mind I decided to improve what I ate in the morning. So what exactly did I do to alkalize my breakfast? Even though I now eat an alkaline breakfast every day it doesn't feel like I am denying myself anything or do I feel that I am doing much different than before. Some of the foods that I eat in the morning include vegetable juices, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, grapefruit and miso soup. Homemade fruit and vegetable juice takes a little bit of effort. Firstly you need to purchase a fruit and vegetable juicer then there is the cleaning up involved afterwards. However making an alkalizing fruit juice in the morning is a great way to start the day. Scrambled eggs while not technically alkaline foods do provide loads of nutrition and protein. Along with a large fruit juice, this is a great way to start the day. You could go even further and try green alkaline drinks.

Most of us would consider the alkaline acid diet to simply be a a healthy diet and that is pretty much what it is. There is a fair amount of research into the effects of eating less foods which have an overall acidifying effect upon the body, meats, processed grains, foods with high levels of added salt and sugar, etc. Instead if we eat much more fruit and vegetables than are typical in the normal Western diet we can improve our overall health and hopefully ward off disease.

Choosing to eat an alkaline breakfast is simple. Actually doing it is easy to. If you lack time in the morning to make breakfast, try getting up slightly earlier which may mean going to bed earlier too! As long as you have some fruit and vegetables in the fridge it is easy to whip something up.

Why not try a couple of grated carrots? Or how about some freshly squeezed orange juice? There are a host of ways to eat your favorite fruit and veg. It's really down to your imagination how interesting alkalizing your diet can become.