Anime is just the shortened name of the word animation. It could be anything from Disney cartoons to Pokémon, but in the western part of the world, it is mainly associated with Japanese animation.

Anime is very popular all over the world. It comes in different types of genre: romance, action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, drama etc. and can be viewed in certain ways: as T.V shows, on your computer, seen in video games, commercials or OVA (Original Video Animation). OVA are when the anime gets released on to video straight away and doesn't broadcast on television.

Anime normally comes from a manga. Manga is a Japanese comic which are released and sold in anthologies, which are either weekly or monthly. They are read by a lot of people and are normally only read once by an individual, before being left for another person to read. They are left on trains and in cafés so are easily accessible to the public, they are cheap and throw-able items. Manga is the same with anime, as in that it has lots of different genres and there is something for all age groups. The manga and anime industries are massive, very popular and have gained fans all over the world.

Anime can be either dubbed or have subtitles. It is just a personal opinion to which one you like better but they are mainly produced in Japan, so have Japanese voice actors and actresses. This means that it is spoken in Japanese first (RAW) then gets a fansub that might eventually get dubbed (if it is popular in the west). A fansub is a clip that has been translated, then had subtitles added for public distribution by dedicated subbers.

Here are some titles of anime which are popular with children: Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Akazukin Cha Cha, Chibi Maruko-chan, Avatar, Kiki's Delivery Service and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Anime are draw in different styles, there is no right way to draw an anime; they all differ from artist to artist. However anime is generally recognised by the characters physical features, like large hair styles, big eyes with oddly coloured irises such as purple or yellow, and exaggerated body parts.

Anime for teenagers would include: Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, Bleach, D. Gray-man, Rosario + Vampire, Gundam, To love-Ru and Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion.


Anime and manga's can go on for a very long time. For example Bleach (the anime) has got 209 episodes to date and is still airing! The manga of Bleach has 37 volumes with at least 8 chapters in each one, giving you a total of 322 chapters so far.

There are many anime- films and anime's which have been made into films, here are a few of them: My Neighbour Totoro, Porco Rosso, Gundam Seed Eternity the movie, Clannad the movie and Spirited Away.