After a series of well publicized security breaches being reported in the media, many computer users are starting to pay more and more attention to just how secure the applications they are using really are. Remote desktop tools are obviously an area of interest, as they allow someone to have full remote control of your computer, thus making the consequences of a security breach quite serious. 

But there are ways for users of remote desktop computerapplications to protect themselves. Many of the things that can be done are simple, common sense ideas.

  • The first thing to consider would be looking at the software that you are using. Read some independent reviews and IT news sites to see if there have been any reported security problems with the software.
  • Consider using cloud based remote desktop solutions, instead of a program that allows a direct connection between two PC's. This is because a cloud based tool creates an encrypted connection that passes through the provider's servers, rather than opening a port on the server computer.
  • No matter what software you are using right now, you should ensure that it is up to date. This is because when any potential security threats are detected, they are quickly patched by the manufacturer of the software in an update that is freely available to users of their programs. Another thing that you should do is to practice good computer security methods in general. Use a secure and strong password for your remote access connection. This means avoiding common words, using the word “password”, using anything that can be guessed by a hacker (your name, date of birth, place of employment, etc.), or writing down the password in a place where it can easily be found.
  • Both the client and server computers should have a security suite installed, which will help protect them from malware and other security intrusions. As you can find malware that can intercept communications between a PC and the internet, or log keystrokes, it is important that both systems stay completely clean of it. There are plenty of free security programs available, such as AVG Free Edition, so there is really no reason to skip out on this. 

Despite a few computer security related incidents that you may have heard about in the news, remote access tools remain a convenient and highly secure way to remotely administer a system. Also, it should be noted that the majority of security breaches occur due to user negligence, such as using passwords that are easy to figure out or running out of date software, rather than the work of skilled hackers who are able to defeat security measures.