Eyebrow tattoos are a form of permanent makeup for the face. Mostly female customers seek to undergo the costly and delicate procedure, of having their face tattooed with perfectly arched eyebrows. Quite often as a beauty routine, women weekly or even daily groom their eyebrows with tweezing or use a makeup pencil to draw eyebrows in a desirable shape on their face. Undergoing the procedure of having permanent eyebrows tattooed onto the face can help save time and money, and offer customers perfect manicured looking eyebrows forever.

Eyebrow tattooing involves the injection of permanent pigments under the skin where the eyebrows are located on the face, by a trained permanent makeup professional. Tattooed eyebrows require special attention during aftercare, as the eyebrow area must be kept clean, well moisturized, and out of the sun. Special care must be taken not to expose the tattooed skin to any forms of irritants such as harsh chemicals or makeup.

When eyebrow tattoos are first applied, they may seem darker in color than expected. Over time the tattoo may dry, become scabbed, but underneath, as the tattoo heals and sheds old skin, a beautiful permanent eyebrow of an attractive color that fits your complexion and face will emerge. Touchups to eyebrow tattoos may be needed, but first the skin of the tattooed area must be taken care of with due diligence and cleanliness, moisturized, and avoiding harsh cleansers, makeup, dirt, and dust must be followed.

Eyebrow tattoos are a great thing because they give self-confidence to women who may have no eyebrows or feel that daily eyebrow and makeup routine is lacking or too time consuming. Eyebrow tattoos are a form of permanent makeup, so the procedure allows for additional savings, as money will no longer be needed on eyebrow pencils, tweezers, waxes, and other products to shape eyebrows or groom the facial region above the eye.

Getting your eyebrows tattooed can sometimes have less than desirable outcomes. Misshapen eyebrows, allergic reactions developed to the tattoo ink used to make the eyebrows, and customer dissatisfaction can and does happen. If aftercare is neglected or the eyebrow tattoos wee done in less than sanitary conditions, the eyebrows may develop an infection. Eyebrow tattooing can be fairly costly, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars to undergo the procedure.

Customers desiring eyebrow tattoos should make sure they go to a trained cosmetologist or permanent makeup specialist. Amateurs or untrained tattooists should not attempt to tattoo permanent eyebrows onto customers. The skin on the face is very delicate and therefore, extra care should be taken to have proper permanent makeup applied to the face under the watch and care of a seasoned professional.