No household should be without a survival kit.

  Basically a survival kit is a collection of items that can help aid you in a survival situation where rescue could be days away. It is also light enough to take with you incase you have to travel.

  A survival kit should not be confused with a bug out bag. A bug out bag is something that preppers use and serves a different purpose then a survival kit. A survival kit is a small kit which can be stored in a vehicle, airplane or boat that has basic supplies ready in case of an emergency.  A bug out bag is designed to help sustain you for 72 hours if you have to evacuate to a safe place.

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  What is in a survival kit? Making a kit is important because it can save your life if you find yourself in an emergency survival situation. Here is a list showing you what is in a survival kit.

Food and water

  Start you survival kit with two of life’s essential items. Have at least a gallon of water and enough food to last a few days. This is usually enough to sustain you until help arrives or you are able to find additional food and water. You can also learn to forage for food, and put what you find into a bag to take with you. This will help keep your food supply from running out.


A good dependable knife is next on the list because it is one of the most useful tools that you can have in your kit. The knife doesn’t have to be a huge hunting knife, a knife with a blade three to four inches should be long enough for your survival kit.

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Schrade SCHF1 Extreme Survival Knife

Mylar blanket or sleeping bag

  A Mylar blanket is a small and compact blanket that can reflect 85% of your body’s heat helping you stay warm in cold weather. Mylar sleeping bags are also available and just as compact as the blanket.

Emergency preparedness kit

Emergency Survival Kit


  Staying dry is important to help keep you from getting hyperthermia. A poncho will take up little space in your kit and can keep you dry when it rains. A light weight poncho is nice and compact for storage when you are not using it.

Tarp and tent

  Small survival tents are available that can give you some protection from the elements, and they can be folded and stored in a small amount of space. A tarp has many uses in a survival situation such as an emergency tent, wind break, or an emergency poncho, and they are light enough to carry in a survival kit.

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Fire starting supplies

  I recommend having at least three ways to start a fire because a fire is so important in aiding survival. Fire starting supplies can include matches, cigarette lighters, magnesium rod, a magnifying glass or fire piston.

First aid kit

  Another very important item for your survival kit, a small store-bought first aid kit should contain the essentials to help you in minor emergencies. You should include any prescription medications with our first aid kit.

Water filtration kit

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  Keeping a container filled with a fresh supply of drinking water is essential for survival. In addition to having fresh water you should also have a way to purify additional water. There are several options to do this with such as water purification tablets. Bleach or hydrogen peroxide can also be used to make water drinkable. You can get camping water filters that are a little larger than a drinking straw that are perfect for a survival kit.

Rope, wire and string

  Rope is something else that is extremely valuable in a survival situation. String or wire can be used to build traps in order to snare animals for food. Even though 25 to 50 foot of rope should be enough for most emergency situations, I suggest at least 100 foot of 550 paracord because it is so useful to have on hand.

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Navigation and signaling

  Including things such as a compass, signal mirror and a whistle can help keep you from getting lost and help attract the attention of rescuers. Other items that you can include are flashlights, flares, glow sticks, a signaling mirror and survivors tape.

Fishing kit

  A small fishing kit containing hooks, fishing line and sinkers can help you catch food if your survival situation turns out longer then you expected.

  Now that you know what is in a survival kit, you should start building your own right away because you will never know when you will need it. Remember that you don’t need a fancy survival kit; you just need a few basic supplies to get you through an emergency.

  Remember that the first six hours of the emergency are the most critical and will decide how well you are able to survive the situation. A survival kit will help put the odds of surviving those first crucial hours in your favor.