A List of What is in the p90x Recovery Drink

Also the Importance of Having an Exercise Recovery Drink

A common question that potential buyers want to know is, what is in the p90x recovery drink?  In this article, I'll list what the p90x fitness guide says about the drink, as well as the ingredients listed on the nutritional label.  This is just one type of post workout drink, however, you should have some sort of an exercise recovery drink within one hour of completing a workout.

What is in the p90x Recovery Drink
The p90x recovery drink formula includes the following ingredients, which are listed on the nutritional label:

*Whey protein concentrate
*Natural and artificial flavors
*Citric acid
*Carrageenan gum
*D-alpha tocopheryl acetate
*Ascorbic acid
*Creatine monohydrate
*Magnesium oxide
*Sodium chloride
*Potassium phosphate
*Beta carotene
*Pyridoxine HCL
*Thiamine mononitrate

For a general definition of what is in the p90x recovery drink, the official fitness guide for the workout program says it's comprised of 40 grams of carbs, 12 grams of protein, B vitamins, electrolytes, a host of minerals, and a dash of creatine per serving.  Also, it's important to consume a post workout drink within one hour of completing your workout, because your muscle cells are primed to rebuild, repair, and accept nutrients.  The fitness guide refers to this as the 60 minute "window of opportunity".  

That is why after workout recovery drinks are so important.  I never used to drink them when I worked out in the past, because I didn't really want to spend my money on them, and I wasn't sure how effective they would be.  I finally came around a couple years ago and have noticed a difference when consuming a post workout drink, instead of just eating a snack or meal instead.  I feel more energized and honestly a little lighter, because I don't have a stomach full of food.

p90x Recovery Drink Formula
The p90x recovery drink formula is also talked about following a number of the actual p90x workouts.  After each workout is complete, there are usually ads for various p90x supplements.  In one of the videos, fitness and sports nutrition expert Mark Sisson discusses the basis of this particular exercise recovery drink.  He says it provides the following:

*Fluid replenishment
*Electrolyte replacement
*Glycogen resynthesis
*Muscle rebuilding
*A small amount of creatine

Purchase p90x or the p90x Recovery Drink Formula
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For those wondering what is in the p90x recovery drink, hopefully you have found this information to be useful.