myLot logoCredit: myLotmyLot is an online discussion site, similar in many ways to traditional forums and bulletin boards, although the formatting is different. Rather than the normal defined forums on a normal forum, where you post relevant topics, it is more of a list format. There is more flexibility in the format too.

There are many interests to which you can subscribe to, or you can create your own. Discussions can be created on those topics, and you can also reply to existing discussions started by others, although you are not limited to just those discussions in topics you have marked an interest in.

The main difference with myLot is that you are paid for your participation on the site. This is not a concept unique to myLot, although they have been around for many years and have been paying steadily, unlike some other sites.

How do you earn?

You earn from posting discussions, responding to discussions and uploading photos to discussions. myLot ScreenshotCredit: myLotThe exact formula for how you earn is kept a secret, most likely to prevent abuse. If the method for how you earn was known, some members would undoubtedly try to scam the system to maximise their earnings, which would have a negative effect on the site and the advertising revenue.

Although the precise method of improving your earnings is unknown, some general observations work. The more active you are, the more popular your discussions and responses, and the longer your responses, the more money you earn. There is a caveat to this; the content you post needs to be of a reasonable quality. Posting a response where all you do is repeat the same word for thirty lines in order to increase the quantity of your content will result in your post being reported and deleted, and you may lose your account also. Aim for quantity and quality.

Unlike InfoBarrel, where you are given a percentage of the actual ads shown, on myLot you earn a share of the advertising revenue. You also earn 25% of the myLot earnings of any referral you sign up.

Another method of earning money is by doing "Tasks." These are paid jobs posted by other myLot users where you have to complete a certain task in order to get paid. These are typically low paying though, with most only earning a few cents. They may not be worth spending your time on.

Are links allowed?

In discussions, you aren't allowed to post affiliate links or links that are irrelevant. There is nothing saying you can't post a link to your own content if it's relevant. This should not be abused though. Don't post links to, for example, your own content on InfoBarrel in every discussion, and, when posting a link, add something explaining what the article the link is pointing covers  that is useful to the discussion, don't just post the link on its own. Post links to content other than your own also. Doing so makes the links you post useful and relevant, rather than spam.

You also have a profile page which you can customise. Anyone who clicks on your profile will see your profile page, and you can add affiliate links here. There are several pre-defined modules you can add, but you are also allowed HTML "sorties" where you can links, banners and text. You can have several such sorties. You can also upload pictures to your profile, although it is stated that profile pictures won't earn revenue.

Users have a "star" rating, where you have a rounded score out of 10, and a more detailed score out of 100. Your score is increased or decreased when other users rate your posts. A higher score is better. Additionally, there is a number which shows how many replies you've made. This can decrease if a discussion is deleted for breaching the site terms, and your reply with it.

myLot also allows blogs to be linked. You have to own the blog, and there is a verification system, and not all blogs are accepted, but if a blog is accepted, the feed is published on myLot, with the potential to generate extra traffic to your blog. myLot users can also post comments on a blog post on myLot itself. Types of blogs that typically aren't accepted are those that are extremely personal. Blog aggregators and adult blogs are also not allowed.

Will it make a lot of money?

myLot should not be considered a primary source of income. The revenue share from your own efforts is not especially high, although the earnings from referrals is naturally without any extra work on your part. Most referrals are unlikely to be very active, as is typical of most things.

If, however, you enjoy posting in forums and discussing topics with others on the internet, then why not get a bit of money from doing so? It makes sense to get paid for the type of thing you would be doing anyway. Additionally, you can direct some traffic to your other ventures from your profile page, and potentially some from the blogs section and discussions.