Procrastination is a big problem for many people. It is basically wanting to do something but then not doing it until a large incentive, such as a deadline, comes along to force us to work.  Although most of the time the work gets done it is normally not the best quality that we could have produced.

To beat and overcome procrastination over the last few years I have found some quick tips to help beat procrastination.


1. Simply have a go

The best way to beat procrastination is to force yourself to spend one minute on the piece of work you need to do. Often by spending a short amount of time you will have mentally started the project and will find it easier to continue to continue once you have completed a part of it. Using a kitchen timer (especially a loud ticking one) set for a couple of minutes can allow us to work for just a few minutes on a task we really would rather not be doing.


2. Timetables

You can use timetables to schedule a set time to do tasks which could be uninteresting which will assign a set time for you to work on your project. Use a piece of software like Excel or just a piece of paper to assign time to do certain tasks. Setting time for manual tasks like cleaning or washing can often be done at night when you will be more tired and not capable of doing more mentally demanding jobs.


 3. Routines

Set up a routine so that you do a recurring task automatically without thinking about it. This is similar to timetables but would be for tasks which occur more than once a week/fortnight such as cleaning out litter trays or making your lunch for the next day.


 4. What is stopping you

You should think about what is stopping you. If it is something like making a phone call or sending an email, you should just do it. Once its done that mental stopping block will be overcome and you can start doing the work you have to do.


So that's my advice on how to beat procrastination.  There are more advanced and exacting methods relating to all four of these points, much of it focusing on time management. Any comments or suggestion below please.