The Breville Panini press Duo is a great piece of kitchenware for people who like to enjoy toasted sandwiches. Having your own grilling machine has a variety of benefits. For example you are able to make a hot toastie whenever you choose. You can also select the ingredients yourself. This means that each time you make a Panini sandwich you can put in the most appropriate ingredients for the mood you are in. On top of this by making your own toasties you can save money each and every time. When I first started getting into these types of sandwiches it was a lunchtime treat to go out to a café and get a Panini. However when you get your own toasted Panini sandwich grill you can make these snacks for much cheaper than going out to buy one that is ready made. This means that when you use the cheapest Breville Panini press you are able to save money every time.

The model that costs the least is the Panini press Duo BSG520XL. You can find this grill in stores as well as in online shops such as Amazon. Whether it is worth buying really depends upon how much you think you would use it. This sandwich maker costs around about $80. This is reasonable but at the same time is not really cheap. Therefore if you are not already a Panini fan it may be worth trying a few from a café before deciding to buy your own machine. What is good about cooking at home is that it is an economical option and can also be good fun as well. In the case of making your own Panini it certainly is easy to do. We do not really need any special cooking skills as all you have to do is throw a sandwich together. The Breville Panini Press Duo lets you cook two sandwiches at the same time. So unless you have a really large family, this is big enough to cook a few sandwiches relatively quickly. The lower hot plate is flat which means that the sandwiches you make get warmed quickly and evenly. The on the top there is a ribbed plate. What this does is burn in the grill marks that you get when you go out for Panini at a café. Getting this authentic feeling while making your own at home is great. Of course there are many brands and models other than just Breville Panini presses.