Carp Reel

Carp are strong, powerful, and wise old fish; they demand a great deal of skill and patience to outwit the larger members of their community. To understand where the need for specialist carp reels come from you need to understand how carp are caught and the methods used.

Over time fishing rigs have been devised to not only outsmart carp but also to ensure that no harm comes to them when catching them. Without a doubt the most favoured fishing rig for hooking carp is that of the bolt rig. As its name implies, this fishing rig causes the carp to bolt and consequently hook itself. This initial surge of power is extremely powerful and before the invention of the carp reel many a fishing line had been snapped of fishing tackle dragged in to the water by this initial run.

In anticipation of this initial run people would leave the bale arm of their fishing reels in the off position but this led to all manner of problems. It did solve the problem of carp not breaking the line or worse of pulling the rod and reel straight into the river or lake, it was really very successful providing the weather was calm. However, if there was a bit of wind in the air will or there were strong currents in the water that you were fishing in then the fishing line would be easily pull from the spool. What was needed was some form of very light tension on the spool that would keep just enough resistance on the line for it not to be displaced by the wind or currents.

This facility already existed in one form on fishing reels in the guise of a clutch but it was much heavier resistance that required more strength to pull it round. This clutch would be set to the breaking strain on the fishing line so that in theory the fish can't break it, but that didn't mean that it wouldn't pull your rod in the water if you didn't have your hands on it. So what was needed was a second clutch that you could engage and disengage at will which was much lighter.

This is exactly what a carp fishing reel is it is a reel and has two clutches; a very light one maintaining enough resistance so that the fish can take the bait but not pull your rod and reel in the water and also not snap you line. The second clutch of a carp reel is like any other clutch on fishing reel which was set up to match the strength of the line.

To use a carp reel you simply cast bait into the water set you rod up on its rod rest as you normally would and then simply engage the second clutch that is all there was to it. Then all you do is sit back in your nice comfy fishing chair and wait... Once you get a bite all you do is pick up your rod and give the real handle a turn and it engages the second stronger clutch.

Invention of a carp reels saved many anglers rod and has saved many fish from snapping fishing lines and ending up with a hook in it.