If you are an intense badminton competitor you are most likely after the best badminton racket. Selecting the best racket is based on your skill level, your experience level and the overall feel you want to get out of your racket. The construction and craftsmanship that a racket was given will ultimately determine its overall quality. The more careful a racket is built, the better it will perform.

The importance of the strings can't be understated. They can be put together with varying degrees of taught. Each weight will create a different performance for your racket. The shuttle will react different to different best badminton racketweighed string jobs.

What To Consider When Finding The Best Badminton Racket?

The best badminton racket for someone else might not be the best for you. You need to understand what kind of game you play and what kind of game you want to play. If you are the type of player that relies on speed and quickness you will want a different racket than someone who relies on power and athleticism.

What Type Of Badminton Racket Should a Speed Player Use?

The speedy quick player will want a racket with tighter strings. This will allow the shuttle to bounce off the strings at a greater velocity with less inflicted force. When you make diving saves and quick stabs, the birdie will have a better chance of going over the net.

The down side of having a racket that is strung tighter is a decrease in accuracy. Because the shuttle comes off faster it is more sensitive tot he angle of the racket. This is why it is not recommended for powerful players that already have a high racket speed.

A speed player also wants a racket that is lighter and easier to maneuver in their hands. They will be moving around quickly and a racket should be an extension of their arm. Something that is too heavy won't fit their game type and will lead to being late to certain plays quite often.

What Type Of Badminton Racket Should A Power Player Use?

A player that relies on a lot of slam hits should use something different than a speed and defensive type of player. The increased racket speed means accuracy and back end power are essential.

Using a set of strings that are slight looser will give the racket more accuracy. The shuttle will actually be on the racket for fractions of a second longer. This will allow the shuttle to be directed towards a more specific target. When a player has enough power, their main goal should be maintaining accuracy.

In order to have a racket that doesn't get over swung and out of control you want something that is a little heavier. A power players racket will be struck at a higher velocity. The lighter the racket the more likely it is to go off in an inaccurate direction. By using a heavier racket it will stay on course more often. It is another way to ensure the accuracy of each bat.

When you're picking out your racket you want to make sure you get a racket that supports your strengths. When you're a speedy defensive type of player you want something that can deliver shuttle velocity with limited force and you want something that can move around quickly and seamlessly. This means you want a light racket with extremely taught strings. If you are a power player you want something that promotes accuracy and precision. This is done by picking a racket that is heavier and has a little more loose strings.

Badminton can be enjoyed casually and it can become an intense competitive activity. Whatever you play you want to make sure your equipment will allow you to have the most fun possible. Finding the best badminton racket for you can be one step towards having as much fun batting the shuttlecock as possible.