I Need An Affordable Canon Powershot Camera

There are several Canon Powershot cameras that are on the market for the 2012 year that are going to be some of the best technology that Canon has come up with yet. Those that are interested in buying a camera like this are going to find that they have several options that they can choose from that are all worthy of their dollar and time. One of the first cameras for the 2012 year that is getting quite a bit of discussion from camera buffs is the Canon Powershot G12 model that is a part of a line that has been around for years. Though there is a long history with this line of camera that does not mean that this camera is obsolete just yet. There are several features about the G12 that makes it worthy of the person’s time and money. For one, it has full manual ability to control the features of a photo such as the exposure which is something that many photographers yearn to have.
Canon PowerShot G15 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized ZoomCredit: Amazon.com (Please see buy now link on the main page)
There is also the automatic feature for those that are new to the world of photography. Secondly, the camera offers a bit larger size than the compact, which is a huge plus to many people, when they look at other cameras that are on the market. With that being said, the price for the G12 is around $400 or so, depending on where the person purchases this. The price is well worth it though, as the camera consistently receives around four and half stars from those that have used this camera.
The Canon Powershot S110 is one of the compact cameras that the person can choose from that is going to be small in size, but big in picture quality. This camera is a bit smaller than the model that was previously mentioned, however, this is one of the benefits to having this camera for many consumers out there.
Canon Powershot S110Credit: Amazon.com (Please see buy now link on the main page)

Canon Powershot S110, $449

With that being said, the features of the S110 are a built in Wi-Fi connection that allows for immediate transfer of photos to social media sites, 5x optical zoom, ability to take full HD movies, and a high speed shutter speed. With that being said, the new model is going to cost around $450. However, it is a price that is worth the product, since there are so many people that highly recommend this line of cameras.
The Powershot cameras have always been some of the bestselling cameras that are offered by Canon since they do have so much that is going for them. There are several lines that are available, however, these two cameras seem to be outweighing the rest as far as the satisfaction of the consumer goes. These cameras have been known to last for years as long as the person takes care of them and ensures that they are being handled with care. And the pictures that you get from these cameras are going to mementos to keep for the rest of your life and be something to share with others.