Are you looking for the latest and greatest cordless drill on the market?

Frustrated by the prices of Dewalt, Milwalkee and other big name manufacturers?

I know I was!

I have a tool buying policy that works like this: buy the cheapest, decent version of the item first.  Then, when I break that product, I can go and buy the really nice one.  This method works great for me because I often don't break the cheap tool and therefore don't buy the expensive version!  However, it doesn't keep me from buying nice tools- I have a number of those in my garage too!

I am often surprised that even at work, we have cheap, Chinese-branded tools that hold up just as good as the "American companies" lower cost offerings.  I was recently on and found a new cordless drill that is making a huge splash in the power tool industry- and it was too cool not to share the details with you!

The Genesis 18v Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

So you've never heard of this company, Genesis, either?  That puts us on the same page!

However, despite the lack of public notariety, this Genesis drill is a top-10 seller on Amazon, and has over 100, 5-start reviews to back it up.  That's really good, if you ask me!

Best Cordless DrillCredit:

This product is amazingly inexpensive, and really good for home repairs, furniture building and shooting screws.  Driven by a powerful 18 volt battery, the Genesis has a 3/8" chuck, 16 torque settings and even comes with a small, sample set of drill bits.  There isn't a better value for the money out there!

Reviewers on say that this cordless drill is perfect for around the home projects, and that it is better than they expected considering the low price paid!  It is the perfect gift for anyone who needs to do basic home repairs, and some reviewers even reported drilling through steel!

Really Special Features

Not only does this drill excell at all of the "normal" benchmarks, like chuck size, torque setting, battery life and speed.  It also has a number of time-saving special features that will really come in handy around the home or workplace.

Namely, the LED spotlight illumiates your work area so you can accurately sink a screw, or make sure that you are drill perfectly straight into your material.

The integrated magnet, located just under the pistol grip and above the battery can easilyhold screws, extra drill bits or washers while you work on your project!  This means you don't have to fumble them around in your hand or mouth.  That makes things safer, too!

Having an onboard level means that you will never, ever accidently drive a unlevel screw or hole into your home.  This is a major time-saver!

The Genesis GCD18BK also comes with a hard carrying case and a 2-year limited warranty.  I dare you to find a big name drill in this price range that carries that kind of warranty- it's just unheard of!

If you're looking for a drill to fix things around the house and medium duty work- you don't need to look any further!