There are coffee lovers all across the world. A simple bean could weave magic when it comes to either de-stressing or enriching every moment of the day. Drip coffee is very popular in the United States. This coffee maker is convenient and easy to use and very affordable. Most homes possess one machine and there is a lot of variety in terms of size, color and style. It is quite an astounding fact that sales every year is about 14 million drip coffee machines in the country. This article discusses best drip coffee maker models available in the market today as recommended by many customers and some of its competitors.

The drip coffee machine works when water is dripped by means of a filter that has ground coffee. Durable and paper are predominantly the two types of filters available with these machines. An average drip coffee machine has a warmer plate; 30 seconds pause for brewing coffee before collecting one, clocks and timers, digital display and control panel and a 'taste keeper' lid that maintains the flavor of the brew. Bunn is the first company that introduced paper filter in the country. Bunn NHBX comes highly recommended because it can brew 10 cups within three minutes. Water can be kept hot so that brewing can be done at any time. More importantly, Bunn comes with 3 years warranty.

Capresso is again notable and is more popular for the espresso machines. This machine brews 10 cups and its burr grinder makes sure that the flavor of the ground coffee is intact. Usually when coffee beans are ground, they lose flavor when they are not properly stored. The presence of thermal storage maintains the freshness of the coffee for a long time. Cuisinart coffee bar also comes under the category of a best drip coffee maker. One can tune the machine, for the purpose of brewing, to either 1 to 4 cups or 5 to 10 cups. This is done by means of a flavor system. Water flow here is adjusted and hence wastage can be avoided. Delonghi DC 412T has a unique system like the aroma button that most drip coffee makers don't have. This ensures release of the best flavor for one's coffee.

Krups FME5 has numerous extensive features. This machine has a programmable timer and comprehensive functions. It has a very sleek blue LED panel and removing the carafe is a pretty simple process.

Few other popular ones include Black & Decker, Procter-Silex and Braun. Finally besides the special features, the price factor also plays a significant role in arriving at a decision during the purchase of what one considers the best drip coffee maker. With a reasonably comprehensive list of features and price, Mr. Coffee is considered to be a good choice. The golden rule of the thumb as far as brewing is concerned is to have a temperature of 200 degrees. The market is inundated with several drip coffee makers and some research on the machines can help one to make a suitable choice.