What is the Best Guitar Case?

If you have a new guitar or one sitting in your closet it's in your best interest to get a guitar case for your instrument.  A guitar case helps to protect your investment and keep your guitar looking its best.  As a guitar teacher you wouldn't believe the number of students who came to class without  decent protection for their instrument.  Some of the students even had expensive guitars that they should have protected.

Some people believe that a simple guitar bag is sufficient to protect an instrument but most of the guitar bags you can buy just don't offer enough protection for your instrument.  While some bags have plenty of padding it still doesn't make sense to put a expensive guitar such as a Martin acoustic or a Fender Stratocaster.  Your guitar should be protected by a decent hard shell guitar case which gives you the padding you need if you happen to bang the case against a door or wall.  If you have a soft case you will run the risk of damaging your guitar.  There are many great cases you can buy for your instrument that will protect it.  Some cases are specifically designed and molded for different guitar shapes such as the Gibson Les Paul.  These hard shell cases can be expensive but they are good investments for your instrument.

Cases to Buy

Many guitar brand makers have their own specific hard shell cases to fit their many different sized instruments such as acoustic, acoustic-electrics, and various sized electric guitars. For example, you can buy a Fender molded case to fit a Stratocaster or a Telecaster.  They also have other cases for specific guitars such as a Mustang or a Jagstang. Gibson also has molded hard shell cases for their specific guitars such as the Les Paul.  If at all possible you should consider buying a hard shell case from the maker of your specific guitar.  This might cost you more but you'll be getting a decent guitar case for your instrument.  While a hard guitar case is fine for everyday use you might consider buying a road case which is much heavier and offers greater protection if you gig on a regular basis.  For most guitar players a regular hard case will be sufficient for their use.  Sometimes when you buy a brand new guitar from a musical instrument store or online you can get a discount on a guitar case with your purchase.  If a hard case is offered with the sale you should take that option and not the cheap gig bag that comes with many guitars.  If you do get a gig bag you should buy a heavier one when you can afford it.

Protect Your Guitar

The best guitar case by far is a hard shell case and you should have one if you value your guitar investment.  Hard shell cases containing pockets inside were you can store small items such as picks, strings, or a guitar strap.  Don't settle for a cheap gig bag even if you think it is sufficient to protect your guitar.   Don't waste money on gig bags they simply can't offer the protection you need for a valuable instrument. They are fine for only very short trips but you should still have a solid case for your guitar. Make the investment in a case that is molded to your instrument which will protect it for years to come.