If you suffer from a blocked nose you will know how distracting, how frustrating and how it can potentially take over your life. I know the feeling, I was there once. It was a horrible time trying to work out the best method to get of it so i could breath again. I tried medicine from the chemist with no great results, anti histamines, nasal sprays, you name it, i tried it, until i came across a more basic natural method.

Neti Poti for a Blocked NoseBest Natural Cure to a Blocked Nose - Three Combinations

The best method is a combination. First focusing on the blockage being solved with a good saline treatment. This is where you mix a small amount of salt to clean warm water. Allow to disolve then lay on your back on the bed with your head over the end. You then place a few drops in the nostrils and allow the saline to to fill the nose. Within a few seconds i am sure you will begin to stream tears. This is a good sign as it is going right through the sinuses. What is good about saline is it cleans, stops inflammations and reduces allergys. After about 30 seconds to a minute life yourself up and allow your sinuses to run clear. You will be able to breath now, for how long depends on your allergies that are causing the blocked nose.

In the image above one can see a Neti Poti, this is a anchiet tool which looks like a teapot to allow a saline mix to go through the nose more easily and clear away allergys causing a blocked nose.

The second combination is environment. Look at what is around you, do you have pets or is there lots of dust. Reducing these elements can play a big part in reducing a blocked nose. It could be a flower in the garden, is there much polution in your area. All these questions you need to ask? Did you have a blocked nose at your last residence? When did it all start? In a way you have to be a bit of a detective to get rid of a blocked nose well. If in the end you believe it is your environment and you cannot fix you may consider moving. This is a last resort, but will work if it is the cause. To me my allergy was cats, when i moved from a residence that had cats to a residence that had none, within a few weeks my nose cleared. It was like magic.

The third combination to consider as a natural blocked nose remedie is diet. Try to eat a lot of bio flavanoids and citruses. Bio flavanoids are foods that reduce allergies. Some good examples are Grapefuit and Mandarins. Another addition to diet one can consider is large amounts of chilli, garlic, horesradish, ginger and to avoid foods like dairy and cheese. These cause allergies.

Keep At it.. And the Blocked Nose Will Clear

With all three combinations done right, I am sure it will help you get rid of your blocked nose. A lot of the time it is about change, working out what is causing the allergy directly and keeping at it until you finally get good sinus relief. If the saline helps clear your nose well, as it did me, then keep at it everday as a natural reliever.

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