Adzuki Beans Cleansing Grains and Green Tea Toner

What is the best product to get rid of blackheads? Are you perplexed ?  Beans and green tea could be the solution. Beans and green tea might look like the beginnings of a meal of some sort. No, in this case, they are the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful complexion. Specifically, the beans Looking for Solution the Best Product for Blackheadsare THE best blackhead remover imaginable. The green tea transforms to a cost-effective, perfect toner to follow-up after using the cleansing grains.

The Back Story: Problem blackheads disappear with daily use of a little known product, Japanese cleansing grains. A high-end, cosmetics retailer, usually found in up-scale malls used to carry the grains. A small, round, shaker-top container housed my favorite product. I exfoliated my face twice per week, but used a small amount daily just on any areas particularly prone to blackheads, especially the nose area. Blackheads just were a matter of the past using that regimen.

Then, to my immense disappointment, I went to buy more of the product, and a clerk informed me that they no longer carried it. Upon returning home and looking at the ingredients listed on my almost-empty container, I realized that  just one item comprised that list, adzuki beans.A solution was at hand!  I could not get the dried beans in a neighborhood grocery store, but did find them at a health foods store. The  exciting piece is the cost! I had paid fifteen dollars for a small, under four-ounce containers of the grains. They sold as whole, dried, beans for less than two dollars for an entire pound at the health food store!

How to Prepare the Grains: Life just does not get any easier than this. Merely put the little red, dried beans into a food processor, blender, or spice grinder. Grind or process until they are the consistency of coarse sand. Store the grains in an airtight jar. I use them so much that I put them in a little crystal, loose powder container on the bathroom counter. The best product for blackheads is now in hand again for a great price compared to what I used to pay for it!

How to Use: Every morning, I put a small amount of the grains in the palm of my hand. After lathering my face with facial cleanser, I use a small, round, exfoliation sponge to apply the grains in a circular motion to my nose area. Twice a week I use them to exfoliate my entire face. Blackheads just do not stand a chance, and the purse is a little plumper for the money saved!

A Side Note: A search on-line for facial products containing  the beans does show them available through a few mail-order sites, but the home-ground type smells, feels, and acts just like the expensive version that I used to buy. As a product to remove blackheads, why not go for the home version?

The Green Tea Toner:  For me, a great, inexpensive toner available at the drugstore is an old-timer, Witch Hazel. Green tGreen Tea Leaves(51712)ea with all of its antioxidant properties just sounds so healthy, that I decided to combine the two. I prepare one green tea bag in 6 ounces water for five minutes. That is longer than it should brew for drinking, but makes a delightful toner concoction. I mix one part Witch Hazel to two parts of the green tea. The result is a refreshing toner. Storing the mixture in the refrigerator provides the added benefit of a cooling element. My skin feels fresh, soft, and supple after using the mixture.

Certainly try any of the suggestions out in a small area of your face, possibly the neck, just to make sure there are not any adverse reactions.  Enjoy saving some money and having a blackhead free complexion.