Having Jock Itch, or Tinea Cruris, is not a fun thing. I was an athlete growing up so ItchCredit: natural-homeremedies.comunfortunately I know firsthand. Jock itch is a fungal infection that spreads. It occurs mostly in the groin area. It occurs mainly for adult men and adolescent boys, And it can sometimes go with athlete's foot and ringworm. The fungus that causes jock itch thrives in warm, moist areas, and it is important to clean the area regularly. But this is not enough.

What are the Causes of Jock Itch? - Jock Itch can be caused from sweating and prolonged wetness in the groin area. Is Tinea Cruris contagious? It can be - sometimes it's passed from one person to the next by direct skin-to-skin contact or contact with unwashed clothing, according to PubMed Health.

What Are the Symptoms of Jock Itch? - The symptoms of Tinea Cruris is itching in groin, thigh skin folds, or anus. It may appear to be a red rash and can even turn purple. Try not to itch anFungus(114047)Credit: men.webmd.comd try to keep it clean.

How do You Treat Jock Itch? - You need to clean the affected area regularly, but even that is not enough! If you don't do the right thing, your jock itch could last a really long time.

How to Get Rid of Jock Itch Fast and Easy - You need to use antifungal creams, powders or soaps - they will help you get rid of your fungus much faster.

How Long Does it Take To Get Rid of Jock Itch - It could take as long as two months, but if treated properly, you can get rid of it in 3 weeks or so.

The Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Jock Itch:TinactinCredit: Amazon.com

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What to Do if Tinea Cruris Lasts and Doesn't go Away? Please then go see a doctor, because you may have something more serious.

I hope you are able to get rid of your Jock Itch and I hope this article helped you understand the condition better!