They say that necessity is the mother of all invention and it is because of our needs that drive us to create ingenious and innovative tools that suits many of our intended purposes.

One such persistent need that has been part of the human psyche probably every since there has been humans relates to the desire to stay beautiful and young for as long as possible.

The derma roller is a tool that may help us in such a quest.

The derma roller is, quite simply, a cylindrical shaped drum that is studded with tiny and fine needles, that can act as a roller. As a matter of fact, it is basically a roller with needles on it that you run over the skin thereby pricking the skin with its hundreds of needles.

It employs the principle of the micro needling approach which is a process where the skin is pricked gently by needles such that the skin is stimulated into creating new skin cells or regenerating damaged ones. The objective of this is to help the skin produce the needed skin structure that encourage that healthy and young looking skin.

Youthful looking skin requires adequate amounts of collagen and elastin to maintain that look. Furthermore, these same components are also needed in the healing process of injured skin.

The human skin is capable of healing and regenerating itself without any help but this function becomes less efficient as we age and it is in this situation where the derma roller may help as it is said to help in stimulating the skin to optimize its collagen and elastin production which will aid the skin in staying firm, elastic and retain the glowing appearance, as well as help clear scars or minimize the appearance of scars.

When the skin gets wounded, part of the healing process is the re-growth of collagen and the needed connective tissues to re-create normal skin. Sometimes, however, this process does not happen as it should be and collagen is under or over produced which may result in scar tissues that do not have the same properties as normal skin.

Micro needling will sometimes help in stimulating the skin to create adequate amounts of the necessary components that young skin is known to have.

The derma roller is an ablative anti aging and anti scarring tool which, if used properly by itself or in conjunction with other skin care products like scar cream and wrinkle creams, may provide great benefits to anyone embroiled in the quest for the healthy and young skin. Considering the price and the relative simplicity of the principles employed, it certainly is worth checking out.