Plantation shutters, also known as Plantation blinds, are built-in interior window treatments. They add style and elegance to any home or office space, while providing control over the amount of sunlight and air that can enter a room. Unlike traditional blinds, these particular types of window shutters cannot be lifted up and down. Instead, you must tilt them upward or downward to adjust light and air flow. This makes them ideal for warmer climates, as the shutters can be tilted to allow air to flow freely, without allowing sunlight in the room. If you’re thinking about getting plantation shutters for your home or office, it is important to understand the difference between two major options. You could get Louverwood Poly plantation shutters, or classic wood plantation shutters. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Louverwood Poly plantation shutters are made from synthetic materials, which sets them apart from wood shutters. While high quality wood is durable, the man-made material that is used to make Louverwood Poly plantation shutters is even more so, as it is water resistant and flame retardant. Additionally, Louverwood Poly plantation shutters are up to three times more efficient at insulating your home or office than wooden shutters. All quality interior window shutters can help you save on your home’s energy bills, but Louverwood poly shutters will do so even more efficiently. Their efficient insulation makes them a perfect choice for homes in climates with high humidity and intense heat. While they are made from synthetic materials, there are many options for their color and finish, so they can even be made to look like classic wood shutters, if you’re unhappy with the idea of synthetic material.

Classic plantation shutters are made of wood. While they are not flame retardant and water resistant like interior shutters made from synthetic materials, there is nothing quite like the beauty of accenting your home with natural wood. The profiles of classic plantation shutters are slightly smaller than the poly variety, so they can fit in more unique window spaces. You’ll also have more options with the dimensions of the actual slats in classic shutters, as they come in many different sizes. As with synthetic plantation shutters, you can customize the classic variety to meet your style choices. Any paint or stain can be used on classic plantation shutters, and they can be mounted with any frame or hanging strip.

When it comes to interior shutters for windows, all types and varieties will serve your home well by insulating your living or working space and giving you total control over how much light comes into the room. However, different types do serve different purposes, and plantation shades can be an excellent choice for homes in hot climates. Once you decide that plantation shades will be the perfect interior house shutters for your lifestyle, you’ll have to choose which material is most appropriate for your needs and style. Despite some differences, both types adequately offer insulation, shade and style to any space.