Music is a strange phenomenon that causes extraordinary emotions to rise from the depths of one's inner self. The tunes wrap themselves around the sound waves that enter our ears and begin to dance around inside our head. The volume of the melody beats with our pulse and our hearts swell with the increasing intensity of the music. The constant beats of the music rise and fall with the flow of motion and seeps into our beings causing us to move with the beat and tap out the rhythm. Certain songs enter into our beings and cause longing and sorrow to pour out of our hearts and enter into the music. Other songs cause our hearts to rise and bring sweet sounds from our lips. It causes joy to reverberate through our being and flow from us like heat from our bodies. Some songs bring our minds to foreign places with breathtaking scenery and leads us to wonderful places where peace and joy reign.

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Laughter reigns in this music and the air we breathe becomes intoxicating with the aroma of sound and the swirling vapors of melody. It surrounds us and becomes part of our being, entering into our soul and finding all hidden emotions. Some melodies create and inexpressible emotion to rise to our throat. The sorrow it creates can make an aching heart bleed and the mellow notes can bring a heart low down to the ground. A certain longing enters the soul and the long drawn out flow of music becomes a desperate emotion that surrounds the mind and soul leaving it in a desolate place filled with mournful melodies and sorrowful rhythms. A certain helplessness leaks out with the outpour of music and creates a desperate feeling to pass over the soul. Peaceful tunes heal the soul and the soft melody warms the heart causing a subtle rise of emotion within oneself. A flow of sweet notes soothes a weary mind and comforts the wandering soul. It brings a security in the rhythm of the music and pours fresh life into ones being. Music can cause droplets of water to fall from weary eyes, it can cause suspense and tension, it can cause excitement to rise with the crescendo of the music. It creates beauty with the wonderful sounds it emits and the flow of the notes as they follow perfectly after one another creates a world of color and a swirling mass of beautiful sounds.

It is unexplainable but it is a wonderful thing created by God for man's enjoyment. What else could it be? Can we as human beings imagine the great design and concepts of sound without becoming befuddled? Yes we can understand theory and the design of an ear and how sound and vibrations work but do we understand the beauty of it? What makes your blood start pumping when you hear a good beat? What makes your body start moving when you hear a good song? Music is a phenomenon that will never become tiresome. It has been a trend since ancient times to Mozart to Elvis to Michael Jackson to the Black Eyed Peas and to the Transiberian Orchestra. Music has soothed many a soul has brought many up to greater things have given other men hope and have brought others closer to heaven. I believe the expression of music is an unfathomable thing designed by an intelligent creator. What do you believe it is?