My LG Vortex 3G Smartphone


My SmartphoneCredit: Betty Asphy


I have several gadgets that I truly like, but the one that I want to talk about today is my LG Vortex 3G Smartphone which is an essential technology for me.  Have you ever gone somewhere and discovered you forgot your cellphone?   I did that  one time.  It was a strange feeling.  I felt something was missing.  It was sort of like a feeling of nakedness.  Since I no longer wore a watch I relied heavily on my cellphone for the time.  I found myself attempting to check the time only to remember I did not have my cellphone with me.  

The GPS  (Global Positioning System) ability is something that I really like.   The voice activations talk  to you and guides you every step to your destination.   I did not like this touch tone on this Smartphone at first.  It was just too touchy.  It took me a couple of months to get use to this, but now I just love it.  

Picture and video taking are plus features for me.  I once attended a wedding.  As the bride walked down the aisle, I observed that everyone on the inner aisle had their cellphones out taking pictures and videos.  This was truly a “picture perfect moment.”

I realize how my Smartphone is an essential technology of today.  When I think about how things were before the creation the cellphone, I am thankful for this particular technology.

I love the instant capabilities of picture and video taking   I could be at church, outside, or another social function and take a picture instantly.  I have taken pictures of memorable places. I am grateful when I can capture the moment. 

If I want my caller announced, I can program my Smartphone to announce to me who is calling.   

Skye is not only on the pc computers, it is also on my Smartphone, so I can actually see the person that I am talking to.  

Among some of the applications that are available on the LG Vortex 3G  Smartphone there is browser, email, im (instant messaging), music player, scrabble, voice recorder, and much more.

I originally purchased a cellphone for emergencies, but my Smartphone has become more than just for emergencies.   It is a convenience, an essential technology, almost a necessity.  If I had to do it over again, would I buy another  Vortex 3G Smartphone?  My answer  is yes.  Could I live without this convenience?   Yes.  The question is do I want to live without this convenience?  No.  I love my Smartphone.