ldentifying and conclusively pinpointing the most proven alternative cancer treatment is definitely one of the most difficult tasks one can ever undertake. For starters, we are all aware that there is no official cure for cancer. Yet, we know very well that there are several instances of successful cancer cures that plaster the walls of alternative medicine.

However, with roughly over 300 alternative cancer treatments out there with varying levels of effectiveness in the treatment of cancer, one is left baffled as to how he may pinpoint the most proven treatment. The good news however is that, alternative cancer treatments have collectively achieved success rates of around 50%, if statistics from the Cancer Research Foundation are anything to go by.

Yet another difficulty that one faces in singling out the most effective alternative cancer treatment rests in the fact that there is very little research that is conducted to verify the claims of potency from alternative health practitioners. This is due to the fact that conventional medicine has virtually maintained a "disinterested" attitude towards alternative medicine.

Now, what this all means is that our approach ought to focus on the key components of an effective alternative cancer treatment, and, on the basis of that, we can then pinpoint the most proven alternative cancer treatment plan.

Components Of An Effective Cancer Treatment Plan

The most important thing to understand in the treatment of cancer is that what we often see as tumors, is not the disease. It is however, a manifestation of the disease. The disease always has to do with a body system whose efficiency has been seriously compromised. In that compromised state, the body often fails to combat degenerative diseases.

Infact, where a seemingly successful treatment is achieved, it is not uncommon for the cancer to resurface at a different part of the body and, the end result is the death of the patient. That is exactly what the tumor focused approaches have achieved over the years.

A cancer treatment specialist by the name of Dr Binzel went so far as to say that, an approach that focuses on destroying tumors amounts to treating the wrong thing. He noted in his book, Alive And Well that, in most cases, although the tumors will be destroyed, that patient gets sicker and sicker.

An effective cancer treatment plan must therefore focus on reviving the entire biological system as opposed to focusing on the cancer tumors. The key advantage in focusing on the metabolism is that, a cure for a "sick body" is achieved and, the body is empowered to get rid of the cancer.

When the treatment is focused on the entire metabolism, compromised biological systems are effectively restored to their peak state, and, with the entire metabolism revived, degenerative diseases are easily flushed out. Although there is need for the body to be cleaned out as a whole, there are certain organs in the body that deserve immediate and special attention.

Among those special organs is the liver. It has been found that the livers of cancer patients are often clogged with the very poisons that they are meant to be flushing out. Other than the liver, another organ that must definitely be detoxified in order to achieve a lasting cure for cancer is the colon.

Indeed, the colon is one organ in the body that is rarely considered when it comes to detoxification. The detoxification of these main organs has the effect of boosting the immune system and clearing all pathways for the elimination of toxins from the body system. So, in short, a lasting cure for cancer is a holistic treatment plan that goes to the root cause of the disease rather than dwelling on the symptoms.

Once the patient is rid of the cancer through such a holistic approach, there is very little chance that the cancer will resurface and ultimately kill the patient.

A Proven Alternative Cancer Treatment Strategy

One form of cancer treatment that has caused more controversy than any other alternative cancer treatment is Dr Gerson's therapy. In his treatment plan, Dr Gerson emphasised the importance of nutrition, but, above all, he proposed the view that the key to a cancer treatment is in "taking care of the functions of the whole body in all its different parts, thus restoring the harmony of all biological systems"

With this basic belief, Dr Gerson heavily used enemas to thoroughly detoxify the key body organs that are critical to revival. The enemas were administered every four hours using coffee and sometimes, castor oil. It is said that with this rigorous program, patients who visited his clinic on stretchers were able to walk around within a short space of ten days.

The recoveries were permanent with absolutely no further recurrences of cancer. Several variations of Dr Gersons approach have come on the market and most of them are very effective.

Indeed, controversy will probably continue to sorround this alternative cancer treatment method but, there is no doubt that, up until now, the Gerson therapy is the most proven alternative cancer treatment approach.