Google Home

Google has done something fantastic with Google Home - in my humble opinion. They have taken an already wonderful voice search and integrated it into a device that can help you no matter what you are doing in your home. This device will listen for a question that you may have and respond with context off of your android or Google account. 

Here are a few ways I believe Google Home can help you get things done.

Sending texts while doing laundry

I can't tell you how many times multitasking has been essential to my life. And While laundry is a task that some don't mind I would much rather be getting other things done. Now with Google Home you don't have to juggle your phone when receiving an text message in order to respond. All that is needed is to tell the device you are listening and it will let you know exactly who texted you and what they were saying.

How many cups are in a pint again?

Have you ever been in the kitchen looking at an old recipe that explains everything in pints or weird hieroglyphics. Well now there is no worrying about cleaning your hands, digging around for your phone, or stopping what you are doing. With a simple “ok google” you can ask “how many cups are in a pint” and it will return the answer. (Oh and it is 2 cups)

Forgot to turn off the downstairs lights?

Now picture this. It’s Monday night and as per usual it has been a typical long Monday. You are getting ready to snuggle into bed and read a book or binge watch Netflix till you fall asleep. When all of a sudden a thought comes to mind. You forgot to shut off the lights downstairs. Now with Google home all you have to do is say “turn off the lights” and you can get back to your nightly routine - no fuss.

Can you wait for Google to release Home?

Now there is not a release date for Google Home but Amazon does have an alternative. It is called Amazon Echo.


Some may say that it is the reason why Google created Home. It offers the same features that Google does and is available right now.

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