Does Tonalin CLA Work?

With a wide range of bodybuilding supplements on the market, and so many different brand to choose from, it can be very easy for a person looking to lose weight to get confused.  Common questions are: Which supplements work the best and which ones are the safest? Which will help me lose the most weight? Well, I can tell you from personal experience that if you are looking for help in losing weight, then Tonalin CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, can make great addition to your diet.

What is CLA?

According to Wikipedia, Tonalin CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is found mainly in the meat and dairy products derived from cud chewing mammals called ruminants. As the name implies, the double bonds of CLAs are conjugated, with only one single bond between them.

What does CLA do for you?

It can help you burn fat faster, in particular you can lose your belly fat. You should take them with each meal to blast the fat away. Tonalin CLA supports lean muscle gains as well. This is because when you consume fat that your body does not need to use for energyTonalin CLA(108046)Credit:, it is absorbed by fat cells with the help of an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase.

According to, CLA blocks this enzyme and diverts unused fat to your muscle cells. The CLA then activates another enzyme which helps your muscle to burn this fat, especially during exercise.

Other Potential Health Benefits

Research shows taking Tonalin CLA for fat loss may actually promote overall well-being in other areas. states that animal studies suggest the supplement may enhance the immune system. Studies also show that CLA helps with maintenance of blood glucose and insulin levels and that Tonalin CLA can lower cholesterol.

CLA and Cancer: Studies Show CLA is a weapon in the fight against breast cancer.

What it's Not

Tonalin CLA is not a stimulant or diet pill. There is no caffeine in it or any harmful substances.

It is not a miracle supplement. You must use Tonalin CLA with a healthy diet and exercise for the best results to occur!

What are the Side Affects of Tonalin CLA?

There are little. Itching can occur, as well as diarrhea, in my experiences. Consult with your doctor beforehand!Tonalin CLACredit:

Where to Buy it and How to take Tonalin CLA?

How much does CLA cost? Not very much! Prices for a bottle of CLA, with 90 capsules, goes for under $20 on Amazon.

If I had to recommend one brand, I would go for Twinlab CLA Fuel. With a diet and exercise, I've gotten great results, losing around 20 lbs. (mostly fat!) in just 8 months.

I hope you found this article on the benefits of Tonalin CLA useful. Tonalin CLA is a great supplement that works, and can make a great addition to you diet today!