QR codes represent a trend that did not make most experts’ “what to watch for in 2011 list” for some reason. Despite being overlooked by trends such as geolocation, group shopping opportunities, and fancy marketing automation systems, it is starting to get attention and turn some heads. QR codes have tremendous marketing potential so in this article, we will discuss the value of integrating them with your email campaigns.

A Viable Carrier of Information

The beauty of using QR codes lies in their ability to seamlessly connect the mobile user with the vast wealth of information online. Marketers are already using the 2D technology to connect offline users with their online presence, but there are so many ways to do it. For example, you could create codes that lead people to a video of a product demonstration, a map that provides directions to an event, or the social network hosting the hot discussion. You can even embed them in your emails and give your campaigns a new dimension so to speak. Though not used as marketing tools on a wide scale by any means, QR codes certainly have their place in today’s fast paced information era. 

Another Way to Grow Your List

We can get all technical with the description, but QR codes are essentially unique looking bar codes that allow smartphone users to scan various items with their handsets. The actual item could be a business card, product, or store display window. It can be almost anything, and it is this aspect that makes QR codes so attractive. If you are an email marketer who also has a presence offline, these interesting codes can be used to help grow your list by simply getting people to your signup form online. People will definitely want to know why they should go through the process of scanning the item, so as usual, your call to action is crucial.

The Market is Huge

QR codes have been around for a while now, but are just starting to show up in the United States. While they are still relatively unknown, they already have a huge market comprised of active smartphone users. Mobile is all the rage, and consumers are often eager to show off all their devices are capable of. According to the global mobile forecast, the number of smartphone users is only going to grow over the next couple of years. If brands can engage in ways that demonstrate why consumers should be using their devices to scan QR codes, this could be a huge phenomenon in the very near future.

The email marketing community is currently in the process of learning what QR codes have to offer. While there is still much to discover, we do know that we have barely even scratched the surface with this thing. Savvy marketers are jumping on the bandwagon so it will certainly be interesting to see if QR codes can produce some real success stories.