The Perfect Storm?

No Limitations on Food and No Exercise Required

For as long as people want a quick and easy solution to weight loss, there will always be those who are attempting to mesh brilliant marketing with some degree of underlying scientific foundation to create the newest in dieting fads. Like the South Beach Diet, or the Atkin's Diet, the Water Diet runs along the same vein as these trendy dieting programs, however, it does purportedly diverge from what it requires from its participants to achieve their goals. Otherwise known as the "Cold Water Diet" because of the 'science' substantiating it, the Water Diet is unique in that it doesn't restrict the intake of calories at all nor does require that the participant engage in any form of exercise to loose weight.

It is also, by its very nature of being directly reliant on an abundant global resource (water), a free diet to do.

Justifiably the recipient of great cynicism, some people have realized success on this program, while critics certainly question the validity of engaging in a dieting program that doesn't restrict calories or require excercise to shed those unwanted pounds. By all accounts, the fundamental participant actions required to succeed with the water dieting program diverge greatly from what many people are accustomed to experiencing with other fad diets. This, in and of itself, could be why it has achieved the mass appeal that it has. While food itself isn't limited in this dieting program, it does stand to reason that the participant should, at the very least, exhibit some degree of self-control in their own food portioning and caloric intake.

Free, by Nature

Is it Really Even a Diet?

Because the fundamental premise of the water diet relies exclusively on simply the consumption of a required daily water allowance this diet is absolutely free to do. Wherever access to water can be achieved, whether the water source be through a kitchen tap faucet or bottled water, anyone can participate in drinking the eight 8 oz. glasses of water that is required to be consumed over the course of a day. In order for the 'science' behind the water diet's purported ability to melt away calories and fat to take affect, all 64 oz. of water consumed must be cool to cold in temperature. Interestingly enough, it easy is easy to see just why some people justifiably claim that the water diet really isn't even a diet at all, with millions of people worldwide consuming water in this manner with each day. Because dieters can be "on" this diet without really even being aware that it is a diet at all, gives creedence to the fact that achieving certain daily intakes of water is something that people should be doing anyway for water's natural purifying and toxin releasing properties.

Advantages and Disadvantages

the Water Diet Revealed

Drinking large quantities of water, as required in the Water Diet, will naturally make the dieter have to take frequent bathroom breaks throughout the course of an entire day in order to continually rid their system of urine. While this can be a clear inconvenience or disadvantage to the dieter, frequent trips to the bathroom will result in the subsequent removal of impurities and toxins from one's body. This can be, undoubtedly, a very beneficial occurrence whether one is knowingly or unknowingly engaging in the water diet. Even though it doesn't effectively address some cornerstone principles that are common to most other diets, such as limiting caloric intake through decreased food portioning and serving size, many human case studies have displayed that increased water consumption can, in fact, help one to loose weight over time.

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