best mmorpg

MMORPG stands for Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. In a MMORPG you can play in different kinds of environment but the principle remains the same.

The most famous MMORPG is World of Warcraft, a video game licensed by Blizzard Entertainment which has been played by millions of people. It is often considered as being the best MMORPG ever since the number of its players is still increasing.

A good MMORPG must have those features:

· It is a social game: Many people interact with other players and the actions you undertake in the game will have consequences on other players. For instance in a game like World of Warcraft, you can fight other players or help them to finish a quest. You can trade your gold for goods and train your avatar. As a social game, you can also chat, some games allow the use of microphone so you can really talk and interact with other people. The players can also create clans and teams that really increase the fun people are having while playing MMORP games.

· The game never stops: An MMORPG game is played in real time, there is no game over in that kind of game because the world the game is played in is called as persistent world. It means that when you disconnect from the server, people will still play and the world will evolve during your absence. This is why MMORP games are so addictive.

Most MMORPG requires you to pay a monthly fee in order to login to their servers. This is an aspect to take into consideration when it comes to playing online games because you have to pay every month.

So now let's choose the best MMORPG so your money will be spent well. There are MMORPG games for every personalities so we will review the most popular ones.

World of Warcraft: Often described by its players as the best MMORPG.

Pros of Wow:

· Huge number of players, you will never be alone in this game

· Easy to learn: You can learn to play World of Warcraft in just 30 minutes

· Exciting stories and quests: World of Warcraft is really big but you will never have to complete the same quests. Moreover you can do quests with your online friends.

Cons of Wow:

· You must pay a monthly fee to be able to play. Moreover you will probably buy the multiple extensions that come with the game.

· The game is really addictive.

Final Fantasy XI: Final Fantasy is already a RPG legend when it comes to video games. Final fantasy XI Final Fantasy is already a RPG legend when it comes to video games. Final fantasy XI might be eight years old, it is still one of the best MMORPG ever made.

Pros of Final Fantasy XI:

· Very long and unique lifespan: some people have played this game for more than 6 years and are still not bored. Also your progression in this game will be very slow.

· Team play: The scenario has emphasized the role of team work and cooperation. In order to succeed you will have to help other players.

· Interesting quests: The quests are different and offer a lot of variety.

Cons of Final Fantasy XI:

· The game is hard! It is also why it's so exciting because the challenge is quite high.

Rappelz: Rappelz is a free MMORPG. It is the best alternative to the paid ones.

The good points for this game:

· An active community that is really helpful with the new players.

· A lot of different classes of heroes. You can also have a pet that will help you during your quests.

· A really good gameplay, especially during fights

The bad points for Rappelz:

· The quests are repetitive

Now you can make your own choice and decide what game is the best MMORP. Keep in mind that every people are different and one might loves a game when someone else will hate it! Just try them!