Wordpress Is Great For SEO

So you want to know if wordpress is good to use for SEO, and the answer to that question is wordpress is an awesome platform for SEO purposes, and is used by many SEO experts, I have currently 2 active wordpress sites that I use one is rudysway.com and the other is broutinwebpublishing.com, and the SEO value that I get out of them is fanastic. 

The Wordpress platform was built to help the SEO value and to help people that wanted to start a blog be able to reach for the stars and start blogging about their interest's. One of the reasons amoung the many that people use wordpress is that you can publish your content easily and not have to worry about HTML and just continue writing great quality content for your readers.

Many people that don't know about websites don't know that they can use SEO to help push their website to its fullest potiental and search engine optimization is key to any kind of website marketing and wordpress is trailored to that. 

Wordpress Search Engine Optimization

Wordpress SEO

Any one can learn SEO, you will honestly spend more time doing keyword research more than anything else you do in SEO and hSEO For Wordpressaving a wordpress website makes it easier on you because all you have to do is write content and if you want to add anything to your website you can install the plugins you want. 

I personally wouldn't go crazy with the plugins because they do slow down your website loading time, but if you are new to search engine optimization you the best platform to cut you teeth on, because its so user friendly and easy to learn and before you know it you will have one authority website and that is what you want. 

When it does come to SEO you want to write your content first and than put in your keywords after all the content is written and a good article is between 350 to 400 words long.  You use to want to have a good density of your keyworsds in your artickle but not to much any more you want to only have  your extact keyword in the article you write about two times.